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Plan to remove “unruly” peacocks that ruffle feathers from residents eager for them to stay


However, some now say they will peacefully resist efforts to take the birds to stately homes across the country.

Dawn Smith, 31, said: “I love the peacocks, they are a big part of life in this part of town and they don’t harm anyone.

“I hate that the council wants to take them away from the only place they’ve ever known as home.

“They often come into our garden and even into our house. They are on the fence and I like to go out and feed them.

“If the municipality or a rescue worker comes to my house, I will refuse them entry if the peacocks are on my land.

“I just think it’s wrong that anyone would want to take them away. They are beautiful birds and they bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.”

Dawn Charlton, 59, who started the “Red Maryport’s Peacocks” petition, confirmed that council officials had been seen on the estate.

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