Places Where Linux Reigns

For the reasons mentioned in this article, we can say that Linux is one of the best operating systems in the world. As someone who has experienced using multiple operating systems for years, I must say that no operating system is perfect and each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages. Because most companies publish their software for a particular operating system, it cannot be concluded that the operating system is the best, but only for the commercial benefit of doing so.

In the tech world, it is said that almost anything can be done with Linux, but how true is this claim? The share of GNU / Linux operating systems in desktops is not large, but the shine of Linux is elsewhere. Maybe you are using this operating system where you do not expect it. When we talk about the Linux-compatible operating system on devices other than desktops, we often think of mobile phones and tablets, and the Android operating system, which has the largest share of this market. But in addition to these amazing devices that have changed our lifestyle, there are many technologies that have been developed based on the Linux operating system.

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Why Can We Find Linux Everywhere?

  • Linux is a very flexible operating system, and due to the nature of its open-source, anyone can remove Linux source code, modify it, and use it for free as needed.
  • Linux is a highly portable and changeable operating system, which means it can be used on almost any processor and with any architecture.
  • Linux is very fast, the extraordinary lightness and speed of this operating system make it a suitable option for low-consumption or old systems.
  • High security due to the nature of open-source and creating the strongest security conditions from the ground up in building this operating system, has made the security of Linux-based systems in the highest world-class. In fact, most of the vulnerabilities that are released in the name of this operating system are discovered by the free and open-source software community and are quickly corrected before any misuse.
  • And most importantly, Linux is free, and that can be the biggest motivator for anyone.


Most Important Industries That We Can Find Linux In

Linux with its features is the best choice for industries and technologies in the world. Let’s look at some of these.

  • Super Computer’s OS Is Linux

Approximately 98% of the world’s supercomputers use the Linux operating system. Due to the hardware structure of each supercomputer, the ability to customize the operating system to optimize server performance has become one of the important factors for choosing the operating system. Due to the nature of Linux, which is open-source, Linux is the best operating system for supercomputers. Also, it should be noted that IBM Supercomputers Power On Linux.

  • Home Appliances

Today, with the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), the use of this technology is becoming more and more. Home appliances such as refrigerators and smart stoves, as well as Nest thermostats, commonly use Linux. The use of the operating system on these devices is due to the fact that some kind of program must be run on it and control the advanced processes of the device, for example, the time of on and off or wireless internet connection or remote control.

Some satellite receivers or smart TVs also use Linux. It is also interesting to note that some routers and modems also use the Linux operating system. Free and open-source, as well as easy and flexible configuration, make this operating system the best choice for home appliances.

  • International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station now uses Linux instead of Windows. The only reason for this decision was the high stability and reliability of Linux compared to other operating systems.

  • Military Equipment

Are you interested in guns and are you interested in the technology used in this equipment? What other operating systems do you think could fit into a smart gun other than Linux? The smart rifle can be adjusted according to the distance on a target and chase it to shoot at the desired moment. This is just one example of the use of Linux in the military industry, which is somehow at the forefront of other technologies.

  • Automatic Driving

Google is using a modified version of Ubuntu, the most popular GNU / Linux distribution, for its driverless car project. There are other uses for Linux in the transportation industry, with high-speed trains traveling at around 300 km / h driven by a Linux-based operating system.

  • Traffic Control Systems

Important control systems, such as the San Francisco Traffic Control System or the United States National Air Traffic Control System, use the Linux-based operating system. Such large projects require specialized expertise and large infrastructure, which Linux can do best. The flexibility, freeness, and openness of the code make this operating system the best it can be, and it is another place where Linux indirectly affects the lives, security, and peace of many people.


  • Food Industry

The agricultural, livestock, and food industries are also rapidly becoming mechanized, and the use of technology in them is easily visible, for example, perhaps the most bizarre of the other Linux applications are automatic milking systems or VMS. These robots are designed to milk the cows at specific times without human intervention, and with this system, in addition to improving the health and safety of livestock, time is not wasted, which is very important in the development of the dairy industry, and all these scheduling is still done on a Linux-based operating system.

  • Politics

In the world of politics, security comes first, and it is not wise for any country to use computers in the most sensitive matters that are vulnerable and unaware of the mechanism of its inner layers. The United States seems to have realized this before anyone else, and since 2001 has started using Red Hat Linux-based operating systems and Apache HTTP servers on its web servers, and since 2009 all White House servers have been running on a Linux platform.

Other institutions, such as the Department of Defense, the Atomic Security Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, air squadrons, and nuclear submarines, are just a few examples of places like the White House.

  • Education

Free education for all, this sentence is very close to the philosophy of free software. Flexibility and freeness combined with lightness and high speed make it possible to use GNU / Linux on older or cheaper hardware. Third world or developing countries are not the only regions that can make good use of the power of this operating system. Schools, colleges, and universities in countries such as Russia, Germany, the Philippines, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, and Italy are other regions that use Linux for computer-based science education.



As you can see, Linux is beyond what we see. A free operating system will certainly never become obsolete and will gradually have a larger share of users. Hopefully one day we will all use a secure operating system.