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Pistachios for Sale: How to Recognize and Buy High-Quality Pistachio


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Finding and buying pure, preservative-free, raw pistachios, loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, is sadly not a cakewalk. It becomes a more challenging process when you are looking for pistachios for sale online. 

Pistachios are health nuts that have been consumed since ancient times. They are one of the two nuts mentioned in the Bible (the other is almond). In Iran, one of the largest producers of pistachios, these are known as ‘the smiling nut,’while the Chinese call them ‘ the happy nut’ due to their open-mouthed appearance.

These edible seeds from the Pistacia vera tree are a rich source of healthy fats and essential nutrients. Unlike other nuts, pistachios are low in calories and high in protein. Apart from this, they are among the most weight-loss-friendly foods. A 12-week study reports that 53 grams of pistachios daily can help reduce body mass index. 

However, gaining knowledge and buying high-quality pistachios for sale online is not easy, especially when some companies try  to lure customers by lowering the cost and reducing the quality. 

Here is what you must know when on a mission to get pure pistachio nuts for sale:

  • Pistachio Nut Varieties

The modern-day market has two types of pistachio varieties: 

  1. Raw pistachios (In shell)
  1. Pistachio kernels

Raw pistachios can be both naturally- or mechanically-opened. However, the naturally-opened ones have a higher kernel to in-shell ratio than their counterpart. 

Naturally-opened pistachios can be round, long, jumbo, or semi-long. 

  • Pistachio Kernel Quality

It’s essential to recognize the quality of the kernel when buying pistachio in the USA. Make sure pistachio kernels are clean and don’t have foreign materials like metal, glass, etc. A product may have some broken shells, but they should not be in large numbers. 

  • Sustainable Farming Practices

Unshelled and shelled pistachios come in many forms, including raw, roasted, salted, unsalted, and unseasoned. When you are looking for pure pistachios for sale, search for nuts grown using sustainable farming practices. They must be free from added preservatives, salt, oil, and sugar. Also, make sure they are sold in eco-friendly packaging. 

How to Store Pistachios 

Your objective to reap the health benefits of these edible seeds doesn’t end with buying pure pistachios for sale online; you need to store them  the right way since pistachios have a limited shelf life. The ideal way is to keep them in resealable bags. 

If you want to store these edible seeds for a long time, use an airtight container and place it in a refrigerator. Unshelled nuts can be kept in the refrigerator for three months to 10 months. 

The Bottom Line

Pistachios are a great source of nutrients, healthy fats, antioxidants, and protein. They also help in weight loss and lowering your cholesterol. You can improve your overall health by getting pure pistachios for sale. Keep the points mentioned above in mind while shopping for these nuts and enjoy their benefits.Happy snacking!

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