Pinterest will now have employees whistle about harassment and discrimination despite a nondisclosure agreement


Pinterest has been accused of workplace discrimination for months, and we’ve got much of that saga on here The edge. That includes, most recently, how Ifeoma Ozoma, a former Pinterest employee who accused the company of silencing her, helped draft California’s new Silenced No More Act. Today is Ozoma to make one’s self clear The New York Times about why she believes nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) shouldn’t control whistleblowers – but Pinterest now says it will stop requiring employees to sign NDAs that prevent them from talking about such things with immediate effect.

That’s the news from Protocol: Pinterest “does not require employees to sign agreements that prevent them from talking about their personal experiences at Pinterest after they leave,” said the company’s global communications chief. It sounds like NDAs will pass for other forms of trade secrets.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann also reportedly released a staff memo this morning about the Silenced No More Act, backing the bill. “Regardless of what happens in the legislature, whether the bill moves forward or not, we are going to pass the policies behind the proposed law,” he reportedly wrote. Protocol. Silbermann was one of the executives charged in December for creating a toxic work environment.