Piers Morgan claims Cristiano Rojo is still looking for a club in the Champions League.

Piers Morgan claims Cristiano Ronaldo is still aiming for a ‘Champions League club’ and ‘will get what he wants’ with a strong World Cup showing amid talks of a £173m a year move to Saudi side Al Nassr

Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo’s main confidant, has revealed it is premature to talk about the Portuguese’s imminent move to Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr.

Speculation has been rife since Ronaldo’s interview with Morgan about his next club, after he and Manchester United mutually agreed to break the remainder of his two-year contract.

It was reported this week that Ronaldo was close to signing a deal with Saudi club Al Nassr – worth an eye-watering £173 million a year.

Piers Morgan said his friend Cristiano Ronaldo still harbors hopes of joining a top club

However, Morgan, who appears to speak to the Portuguese regularly, denied any suggestion that the move was imminent.

He thinks if he does well at this World Cup, he will get what he really wants,” he said The Telegraph.

“That’s a club in the Champions League extending its record and its legacy.”

Ronaldo, 37, has scored once at this World Cup so far – a penalty against Ghana. Although he did become the first player in history to score in five World Cup tournaments.

Ronaldo Has Scored Once At The World Cup So Far: A Penalty Against Ghana In Portugal'S Opener

Ronaldo has scored once at the World Cup so far: a penalty against Ghana in Portugal’s opener

Ronaldo Gave An Explosive Interview To The Broadcaster A Few Weeks Ago Outlining His Problems With Manchester United - He Saw His Contract End As A Result

Ronaldo gave an explosive interview to the broadcaster a few weeks ago outlining his problems with Manchester United – he saw his contract end as a result

“It’s not about money at this stage of his career. It comes down to a burning desire to play football at the highest level, break records and win trophies,” he added.

“And he’s done that in more countries than any other player in history.”

Ronaldo’s bombshell interview – broadcast just days after the start of the World Cup in Qatar – briefly shocked the football world as the Portuguese took aim at various figures, both past and present, at United.

Ronaldo appeared particularly burned by criticism from former teammates, namely Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney, and took aim at the pair, suggesting their criticism stemmed from a place of jealousy over his exalted position.

“I think they are taking advantage of that because they are not stupid,” said Ronaldo. “I am the number 1 followed man in the world. It’s no coincidence.

Morgan Said Ronaldo'S Ambition Is To Build On His Already Remarkable Legacy Before Hanging Up His Boots For The Last Time

Morgan said Ronaldo’s ambition is to build on his already remarkable legacy before hanging up his boots for the last time

“Probably (it’s jealous). Probably – because he ended his career in his thirties. I still play at a high level; I’m not going to say I look better than him, which is true.

“It’s hard to listen to that kind of criticism and negativity from people who play with you, including Gary Neville.”

Morgan, meanwhile, took aim at those criticizing the World Cup in Qatar – pointing to legislation surrounding homosexuality in the UK when the tournament was hosted here in 1966 as evidence of hypocrisy.

Morgan Took Aim At Those Criticizing The World Cup In Qatar - Citing Britain'S 1966 Homosexuality Laws As The Reason For His Case

Morgan took aim at those criticizing the World Cup in Qatar – citing Britain’s 1966 homosexuality laws as the reason for his case

“It’s selective outrage at Qatar, which is completely exaggerated,” Morgan said of England’s attempts to wear the OneLove bracelet, which they later dropped after being threatened with “sanctions” by FIFA.

“The whole thing has been a complete racket. The process of awarding World Cups to Russia and Qatar stank.

But England also participated. So it comes back to our moral fitness to host the World Cup. I remind people that the last time we hosted and won the World Cup it was illegal to be gay in the UK. That should be a reality check of our moral positions in relation to other regions of the world.’


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