Pictured: Murdered security guard beaten to death by two brothers and boy, 14, who kicked his head

The first image of a security guard who was beaten to death by two brothers and a 14-year-old boy has been revealed.

Christopher Molloy, 55, was kicked in the head while lying unconscious in a gang attack last year.

The now 15-year-old boy, whose name cannot be identified for legal reasons, was found guilty of beating Molloy to death in the Bootle area of ​​Merseyside in July.

Brothers Jay Byrne, 26, and Joseph Byrne, 25, and the boy have been charged with murder.

The two brothers were acquitted of this charge at Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday morning, while the teenager was unanimously convicted of murder by the jury.

Security guard Christopher Molloy, beaten to death by two brothers and a 14-year-old boy in a gang attack last year

The 15-year-old called the judge’you fat ugly p****‘ in a furious outburst after being found guilty.

All three defendants had previously admitted to manslaughter and will be sentenced on March 16.

The jury heard an argument erupt near a Burger King around 12:45 am on July 12 last year, after Molloy was accused of “groping” the teenage defendant’s girlfriend.

Jay Byrne, of Southport, allegedly hit or pushed Mr Molloy, who then fled to the McDonald’s across the street and sought help from staff “because he was worried about what was going on, trying to get help”.

The 55-year-old man stood outside the fast food outlet for several minutes before walking away, at which point he was chased by 25-year-old Joseph Byrne of Litherland and the 14-year-old boy.

Jay Byrne, 26, Admitted To The Manslaughter Of Christopher Molloy But Was Cleared Of Murder

Jay Byrne, 26, admitted to the manslaughter of Christopher Molloy but was cleared of murder

Joseph Byrne, 25, Also Admitted To Manslaughter After The Brutal Attack But Was Cleared Of Murder.

Joseph Byrne, 25, also admitted to manslaughter after the brutal attack but was cleared of murder.

A second confrontation near the junction of Stanley Road and Strand Road was captured on CCTV footage played in court.

The footage showed the younger Byrne “throwing an extremely forceful punch” with his right hand, knocking Mr Molloy to the ground.

The victim fell backwards and “hit his head on the pavement”, knocking him unconscious. The boy was then seen repeatedly slapping him across the face, a total of eight times, as he lay helpless on the ground.

Both attackers walked away in the direction of the Natwest bank, being caught on camera bumping their fists. The boy returned shortly afterwards along with 26-year-old Jay Byrne, who kicked the unconscious Mr Molloy in the head.

The teen then delivered a second kick to the head, described as a “particularly vicious kick, like kicking a football hard.” A police patrol car was then stopped by a taxi driver who reported an unconscious man on the road.

An Argument Between The Group Broke Out Near A Burger King Around 12:45 A.m. On July 12 Last Year, Jurors Heard, After Molloy Was Charged With

An argument between the group broke out near a Burger King around 12:45 am on July 12 last year, jurors heard, after Molloy was accused of “groping” the teenage defendant’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, another member of the public had alerted the attention of a passing ambulance, and it became “immediately obvious that Mr Molloy was in extremely unwell”.

He had a large number of cuts, bruises and swelling on his face and head and began to vomit once he was placed in the back of the ambulance.

After being rushed to the Walton Center, he underwent emergency surgery shortly before 5 a.m.

However, Mr Molloy had suffered internal bleeding and fractures, and was eventually withdrawn from life support. The victim died on July 19, 2022, one week after the assault.

Joseph Byrne said on the stand that he had given Mr Molloy “a little slap in the face to teach him a lesson” after being told he had been “grabbing the ass” of the teenager’s girlfriend.

But he appeared to grow angry with the young man during cross-examination, at one point turning to him and saying “he did it and he knows he did it”, before refusing to answer any further questions from the prosecution.

Jay Byrne did not testify at the trial, but the boy said from the witness stand that he had been imitating a scene from the 1995 comedy film Friday, namely when the character played by Chris Tucker yells “you got knocked out.” ‘.

He also alleged that Joseph Byrne asked ‘do you want to see a knockout?’ before knocking Mr. Molloy unconscious.

About the moment he kicked him to the ground, the teen said: ‘I didn’t think. He was just copying what Jay did.

Members of the 15-year-old’s family left the public gallery as the guilty verdict was delivered at Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday January 19, and the boy slammed a door as he left the dock.

He also yelled ‘you fat ugly p****’ during an angry outburst towards a judge when he was found guilty of murder.

Jay Byrne covered his face with his hands and appeared to try to calm his co-defendant, saying “chill out bro.”

Joseph Byrne was seen smiling as he was led back to the cells.

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