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Picard showrunner teases even more legacy returns for season 3

In the final season of Star Trek: Picard many beloved characters are expected to make their big return (and possibly farewell) to the Star Trek universe. Earlier this year, it was announced that nearly the entire original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation would appear in season 3. Now Showrunner Terry Matalas Teases Even More Characters TNG to show up.

As first noted by TrekCoreMatalas recently appeared on the Inglorious Treksperts podcast and had a lot to say about the show’s final season. Including teasing about some unannounced returns:

“There are people from ‘Star Trek’ who are coming back this season who are not the ‘Next Gen’ [primary] form. I mean, there’s one character in ‘Next Gen’ that I was… I really want THIS character to come back.

And when they did? [agree to return]that was oddly more exciting than anything else in total.”

There’s quite a long list of characters it would be nice to see appearing for a new adventure, including Michelle Forbes’ Ro Laren and Dr. Katherine Pulaski by Diana Muldaur. But Matalas confirms that Colm Meany’s Miles O’Brien won’t be one of them, and Whoopi Goldberg’s Guinan, Wil Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher, and John de Lancie’s Q all appeared in Season 2. So that rules them out.

In addition to teasing more cameos that should have TNG fans get excited (if a TNG fan myself I like to wallow in the nostalgia, even when Picard can be a not great show at times), Matalas also spoke about the general line of the upcoming season. He hinted that it would be a “transfer of the torch from one generation to the next”, similar to when characters from Star Trek: The Original Series would show up TNG

But what I’m perhaps most excited about is: Picard finally tackling the absolute removal of Beverly Crusher from the last two seasons. Crusher – if for some reason you are reading this blog and not familiar with TNG — was the Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise; she was also an important friend and love interest to Picard. In the series finale of TNG a version of the future even pictured them as married and then divorced. In Picard she’s escaped the mention so far, even though the show has repeatedly asked Picard to consider the pathetic state of his love life. Matalas said he wanted the actress who plays Crusher, Gates McFadden, to have a “very strong story” for this final season.

Season 3 of Picard is currently in production and will eventually air on Paramount+, but since Season 2 just ended, I’d expect to see the swan song for TNG‘s original cast will be out soon.

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