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Photorealism debate about Unrecord brings Steam hype that many other games only dream of – WhatsNew2Day


The upcoming shooter Unrecord has attracted the attention of many, many people long before a release date can even be estimated. Now the developers have announced a number on Twitter that is astounding:

More than 600,000 people added the title to their Steam wishlist within a week. That’s enough for 22nd place on the corresponding ranking list and that’s thanks to a single video – that’s how it looks efficient marketing out of.

In the following, the developers would like to thank you very much for this and promise to do everything possible to deliver the project in the best possible way.

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Incidentally, the results of our survey on Unrecord so far coincide with the tenor of this message: Almost half of all more than 1300 votes cast indicate that our community is looking forward to it with great anticipation. And almost every third party is at least cautiously optimistic about the much-discussed title. Only about 15 percent are averse.

Why all the attention?

Unrecord wants you to step into the shoes of a police officer – literally: perspective, movement, shooting, lighting effects, blurring, all this and more is tailored to let you follow the action as realistically as possible through a bodycam.

The problem: It just looks too good. A number of users with us or on social media have expressed suspicions that the game is a fake, everything was simply filmed with a camera and post-processed. If you haven’t seen the trailer that started all this, you can catch up here:

Unrecord: Trailer for the most photorealistic shooter you've ever seen

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Unrecord: Trailer for the most photorealistic shooter you’ve ever seen

And since it was not about individuals, but about a respectable number of doubters, the developer went on the offensive to refute the allegations. If you want to know more details, take a look at the article here, but in short: The game is real, the proof is undeniable.

No one likes it when they assume a gang of scammers to be. That will be with the Unrecord creators called Drama be no different with their debut work, and yet: all the attention – whether positively or negatively motivated – shows how uncontrollably successful game marketing can expire.

How do you feel about Unrecord? Do you want to hire yourself as a police officer up close and personal as soon as the game is released? Or does the thought of the special camera perspective make you rather nauseous? And are you now convinced of its authenticity or do you still have doubts that even the recent offensive by the developers could not clear up? Tell us your point of view in the comments!

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