Photo To Jigsaw Puzzles: How To Make Your Custom Picture Puzzle

The timeless classic activities, jigsaw puzzles are family entertainers for centuries. These are fun for kids, youngsters, and oldies. They are educational for children and challenging for adults. These enjoyable games bring people together and help create memories. 

If you’ve championed all the jigsaw puzzles you own, it’s time to make your custom picture puzzle. From adding a picture of your choice to deciding on the number of pieces, there are plenty of things you can personalize to make a puzzle piece that excites you.

Steps to Design Your Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether you want to make a custom photo puzzle for yourself or as a gift item, you need to consider a few things. 

Custom Picture Puzzle Services

Gone are the days when you had to go out and look for products/services. Today, you can order your supplies in just a few clicks on your phone. 

In the case of a custom jigsaw puzzle, you need to find an online store that allows users to personalize their puzzles and order them. At a great shop, you can add your favorite photo, pick a theme, and decide on the number of puzzle pieces.  

When you’ve the flexibility to work on a puzzle piece, you can make a product that represents your style. 

Choose an Image

What do you want to have on your jigsaw puzzle? Whose photograph should it be? Before starting to design your puzzle, select a picture that you want to engrave on the puzzle and its box. Ensure that it is a clear and high-quality image. If you want to create jigsaw puzzles to promote your product or service, add a great picture of it.   

Decide on Puzzle Pieces

Do you want a puzzle with 24 pieces or more? You can choose the number of puzzle pieces based on your requirements. For example, if you want to get it for kids, then a puzzle with 24 pieces will be sufficient. On the other hand, you can make it challenging for yourself by getting a puzzle with as many as 256 pieces. 

Pick a Theme and Choose the Orientation

Custom round jigsaw puzzle, heart-shaped puzzle, square jigsaw puzzle, and rectangle jigsaw puzzle; these are some options you get when it comes to picking a shape for your puzzle. When making a personalised jigsaw puzzle, you also have the option to choose the orientation between horizontal and vertical. Pick your options carefully! 

Add Text (If Needed)

In addition to a photograph, you can add text to your custom made puzzles. At a great online store, you can decide whether you want to insert text at the top or bottom of the puzzle. Also, you can pick a font and color for your text. 

Adding text to your jigsaw puzzle is a great way to promote your product. You can customize the puzzle to insert your logo and write your company’s slogan. 


Making your custom photo puzzle can be an interesting way to add more fun to the classic activity. You can also personalize a puzzle to give it as a gift to someone. So pick your picture and customize your jigsaw puzzle to have an extraordinary experience! All the best!