Photo of crowds storming an Aldi for ‘special purchases’ in Covid-hit Sydney’s west sparks backlash

‘Like a plague of locusts’: Outrage as huge crowd of shoppers storm an Aldi in Covid-stricken west Sydney for its ‘special purchases’ sale

  • Ray Hadley accuses Aldi of continuing to use ‘Special Buys’ during pandemic
  • 2GB radio host said crowding around areas is dangerous with Covid
  • He said Aldi was ‘irresponsible’ and demanded they stop displaying deals

Aldi has come under fire after huge crowds of shoppers crowd a store in Sydney’s Covid-hit western suburbs for a ‘special purchase’ sale.

Shock jock Ray Hadley accused the supermarket chain of being “irresponsible” for continuing to market the cheap purchases.

“It’s like a plague of locusts in the Western Plains when people line up to get there,” Hadley said on his radio show on 2GB.

“Get your head in!”

Hadley’s outburst came after a listener sent a photo of a crowded Aldi in Blacktown the day after a suburban block of flats under police guard was completely shut down to cope with a Covid outbreak.

Hadley summoned the CEO of Aldi Australia and demanded that he appear on his show, admitting the promotion is a bad idea.

“Can the Aldi CEO Tom Daunt – don’t be put off by my words Tom – come here and be a little brave, have some balls and say ‘yeah, you’re right Ray,'” said the 2GB host.

“Irresponsible cr*p, that’s it.”

Aldi said it would remove a range of popular products from its special sourcing range within NSW’s eight local government areas in Sydney’s west and south-west, which are facing tight lockdown restrictions.

“During the pandemic, it is in no one’s best interest, including ours, to cause peak trade periods or encourage queues,” a spokesperson told the Daily Mail Australia.

“We would not knowingly participate in activities to encourage behavior that violates public health regulations.”

The 2GB host took aim at the supermarket chain on his show, calling it

Ray Hadley has criticized Aldi for continuing to use their ‘Special Buys’ promotion during the pandemic, with shoppers flooding the discount tables for bargains. Shoppers are pictured during a May sale

The “special purchases” include the best prices on products available from the German giant, which have become appointment stores for Aussies.

“In addition to our core range of everyday grocery items, we offer our customers twice a week a range of Special Buys™ that can include everything from electronics, such as LCD TVs and DVD players, to clothing and furniture,” reads the website. aldi. .

‘A new range of Special Buys™ comes out every Wednesday and Saturday, and in keeping with our promise of smarter shopping, all of our Special Buys™ offer exceptional quality and value for money.

“Stocks are limited, so to make sure you don’t miss out, we recommend that you visit ALDI as early as possible when the new Special Buys™ go on sale.”

Hadley says the campaign should be suspended to prevent people from flocking to the buying table like ‘locusts’ given the ongoing pandemic.

The highly contagious Delta strain has wreaked havoc in Sydney, particularly in the west and southwest of the city, with Hadley saying residents are at risk of crowding the shelves.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Aldi for comment.