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Phil Spencer has confirmed that he takes full responsibility for the poor Redfall build


Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, spoke about the negative feedback the Xbox Series and PC exclusive Redfall has received, which has been available over the past few days, but has garnered a large number of negative reviews and was a huge disappointment to players.

Spencer said in his interview Kinda Funny Xcast That he’s completely dissatisfied with himself, and that he takes full responsibility for Redfall’s poor launch.

When asked about his first response to the release of Redfall, which is an Xbox and PC exclusive, Spencer stated:

There is nothing more difficult for me than the disappointment of the Xbox community, and just watching the community lose faith and become disillusioned.

I am frustrated and upset with myself. Thinking back to the announcement that the game didn’t support 60fps at launch, that was a punch in the face. What’s most important to us is what we can learn and how we can improve over the next titles, what I’m going to fight about what went wrong, and obviously we can do things with quality and execution, but the only thing I can do is squeeze the creative aspirations of our development teams.

Spencer continued:

I am a big supporter of Arkane Austin Studio, their track record is great, I love so many great games that they have developed. This is where the team did not achieve its internal goals when it was launched. I think maybe it’s a little simplistic to say “hey if you had put it off for three months, the overall theme of the game would have turned out differently than it did.

As for the future of Redfall, Phil Spencer said that Xbox, Bethesda, and the Arkane Austin team intend to continue working on improving the game starting with the update, which will provide support for 60 frames per second. He said:

We’re still working on the 60fps update, we have a good schedule for that, and we’re committed to getting it done. We will continue to work on the game. We’ve shown a previous commitment to games like Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded for their continued support post-release.

But I also know that these games are $70, and I would take full responsibility for releasing a game that had to be great.

Phil Spencer concluded his speech by saying:

We let a lot of people down this week with the launch of the game, but we will continue to strive forward.

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