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Phil Gould fined $20,000 by NRL for ‘stupid’ rant

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Phil Gould fined $20,000 by NRL for 'stupid' rant

Canterbury football boss Phil Gould has been fined $20,000 by the NRL for a rant on Channel Nine that was “deemed detrimental to the best interests of the game”.

Speaking in his usual spot on Nine’s 100% Footy show on Monday night, Gould fumed over a number of issues, saying “our game is so stupid”.

Gould, who is a regular Nine commentator and the Bulldogs’ general manager of football, pointed to a “no try” decision against Tigers hooker Api Koroisau in their clash with Brisbane, obstructions as well as new rules about kick and drop disruptors.

“What kind of stupid game is this?” he said.

“Who sits down and makes these rules?… We’re so stupid with our rules.”

The NRL handed him a non-compliance notice and a $20,000 fine, half of which would be suspended for 24 months.

Gould has five business days to respond to the notice of default.


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