Peter FitzSimons supports King Charles $5 bill amendment and calls for all portraits to be removed

Peter FitzSimons calls on Australia to make another big change after it was announced that the royal family will disappear from currency

  • Peter FitzSimons supports removing portraits of King Charles
  • The call comes after changes to the $5 bill tradition
  • The new banknote design will not include King Charles

High-profile Republican Peter FitzSimons was quick to welcome the Reserve Bank’s decision to update the $5 note with a new design that honors the culture and history of Indigenous Australians – rather than King Charles.

The new design replaces the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II that has long featured on Australian currency.

The Australian Parliament remains on the other side of the banknote.

Mr FitzSimons was quick to lash out at Liberal leader Peter Dutton, who called the move ‘woken nonsense’.

Peter Dutton says removing Charles from a $5 bill is “awake nonsense.” I respectfully disagree,” Mr. FitzSimons said.

“It’s a nation that has more self-confidence and recognizes the absurdity of having an English ‘King’ in the first place.”

He also called on Australia to go one step further by removing all portraits of King Charles.

“In which places in Australia are the official portrait of ‘King Charles’ hung, and how quickly can they be removed?” he said.

Journalist and columnist, Peter FitzSimons (pictured), welcomes the RBA’s decision to remove the royal family from banknotes

The surprising decision not to replace the late queen with King Charles III followed a consultation with the federal government, which supported the change.

“I think this is the right decision,” treasurer Jim Chalmers told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday.

The Reserve Bank board will now consult with First Australians in designing the new $5 banknote.

The design and printing of the new banknote will take several years.

The current $5 banknote will continue to be issued and will still be usable even after the new banknote is introduced.

The treasurer warned that it will take ‘a while’ before the new banknotes are issued.

“There is plenty of time to think and discuss the design that best honors the first Australians,” said Dr Chalmers.

The Updated $5 Banknote Will Deviate From Tradition And Omit King Charles And Instead Feature A New Design That Honors The Culture And History Of Indigenous Australians (Photo, Current $5 Note)

The updated $5 banknote will deviate from tradition and omit King Charles and instead feature a new design that honors the culture and history of Indigenous Australians (photo, current $5 note)

After the Queen’s death in September, Fitzsimon wasted no time calling for Australia to become a republic.

“Just as King Charles III has not waited a moment to resume his duties, we suggest that Australia should no longer postpone discussion of its future under the monarchy. It’s time.’

FitzSimons said the country should stop delaying talks about stepping down from the monarchy.

“Government by birthright, a literally born to rule English sovereign, has no place in a democratic, egalitarian Australia,” he said on Friday.

The idea is as foreign to Australian values ​​as the monarchy itself. Nor should anyone be forced to swear allegiance to a foreign king or head of state.’


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