Peter Dutton says: au pair & # 039; partner & # 039; false claims

Federal Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has launched a counterattack at claims he helped a friend's au pair.

Peter Dutton says his chief of staff called the head of the Border Force to help an au pair detained by a "partner" that is fabricated and without foundation.

Former head of the Australian border force, Roman Quaedvlieg, has presented evidence to a Senate committee alleging that Mr. Dutton's chief of staff, Craig Maclachlan, called him for help in June 2015.

"He told me that the minister's friend, whom he referred to as the 'boss's partner' in Brisbane, had had a problem with his future au pair who had been arrested," Quaedvlieg wrote in a letter to the committee. of the Senate on Wednesday. night.

But the interior minister said that Mr. Maclachlan did not even work for him until October 2015.

"The allegations and allegations in Mr. Quaedvlieg's letter are totally false and fabricated," Dutton said in a statement.

"I did not order any member of my staff to call Mr. Quaedvlieg on this matter, nor did any of my staff speak to Mr. Quaedvlieg about it."

The woman had a tourist visa when she was arrested at the Brisbane airport in June 2015, until the family for whom she was assigned to work contacted the then Minister of Immigration.

Quaedvlieg said he was asked "What do you have to do to fix this? Can the boss reverse it?" and told the employee to look at a possible ministerial intervention.

Mr. Dutton overruled his department's decision to deport the woman and granted him a visa to stay in the country, despite his original plans to work for a former colleague of Mr. Dutton's Queensland police.

Dutton has said he had not spoken to his former police colleague for 20 years, but the man did call his office for help with the au pair case.

Quaedvlieg, who was once close to Dutton, was fired from his post after helping his girlfriend get a job at the Sydney airport.

"Mr. Quaedvlieg is bitter about the loss of his job," said Dutton.

"But making evidence for a Senate committee takes its behavior to a disturbing level."

Mr. Dutton told parliament earlier this year that he did not know the people for whom the au pairs worked.

In a statement, Quaedvlieg said he stood firm behind his version of events, rejecting claims that he fabricated evidence.

He said he would try to reconcile the "anomaly" on the dates identified by Mr. Dutton with the committee.

Labor immigration spokesperson Shayne Neumann said Dutton had cheated parliament.

"There is a personal connection, Peter Dutton said in the federal parliament that there is no personal connection," Neumann told reporters.

In November 2015, French Au pair received a tourist visa for Mr. Dutton after the head of the AFL, Gillon McLachlan, whose cousin employed the nanny, asked a member of his staff to speak at the office of the Minister.