<pre><pre>PETA conducts anti-wool protests in central Sydney using a & # 39; bloody fake sheep & # 39;

Indignation as animal rights activists conduct an anti-wool protest in central Sydney using a & # 39; bloody neplam & # 39;

  • PETA presented the protest in Pitt Street Mall during lunch

Animal rights protesters have organized a controversial protest in the middle of Sydney with the help of a bloody and dismembered sheep.

The protest, by PETA, was held in the middle of Pitt Street – the center of Sydney's retail trade – to protest against the use of wool in clothing.

The President of Wool Producers, Australia, Ed Storey, told 2GB & # 39; s Ben Fordham the demonstrators simply told lies and shearers treated the animals well.

& # 39; The care and welfare of our animal is the top priority for the Australian sheep and wool industry.


& # 39; It is absolutely nonsense what these people say. & # 39;

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