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Pet Grooming: The Use of Pet Dryers

Your pets are your responsibility. As pet owners, you are responsible for giving your pet the best love and care they deserve. Aside from feeding your pets, playing with them, taking them for a walk and the occasional vet visit, it is also vital that you give your pets regular pet grooming. 

Pet grooming makes your pet clean, tidy and healthy. It also helps in keeping away harmful bacteria that your pets can pass on to you. Depending on your pet’s condition, such as fur length, size, activities and health, it requires pet grooming at least twice a week or once a month.

Having your pets regularly groomed by a professional is quite expensive and the transportation or booking a home service is arduous. Therefore, it is advisable that you know how to groom your pet. However, grooming your pet takes a lot of time to completely finish. 

As you read on, you will learn about pet grooming in this article and you will know which part of pet grooming consumes the most time and what is the best solution for it.

What Are the Steps in Pet Grooming?

Pet grooming includes trimming your pet’s hair, cleaning their ears, brushing their teeth, clipping their nails and, the most important step but also the most difficult part of pet grooming, bathing your pet.

Here are the steps on how to bathe your pet:

  1. Brush your pet’s hair to remove mats and tangles.
  2. Wet your pet’s bodies up to their skin starting from their neck and chest.
  3. Then start massaging soap or shampoo to the whole body except the head. Instead, use a damp cloth to clean their heads.
  4. Carefully rinse the soap and shampoo out of your pet.
  5. Wipe them with a dry towel to remove extra water.
  6. Lastly, dry your pet. 

Ways to Dry Your Pet

There are many ways to dry your pet, including:

  • Air Drying – Air drying is letting your pet dry as it is. This method is the least advisable of all because moulds and bacteria may grow within the corners of your pet’s fingers and nails and other hard to dry parts. Moreover, pets tend to play and roll around the ground, making them filthy again.
  • Towel Drying – You can dry your pets with the use of absorbent towels. You can gently rub or press the towels around your pet’s wet body until it dries.
  • Use of Hair Dryers – Most pet owners use hair dryers to dry their pets. It is faster than the previous two. However, you have to be extra careful in using a hairdryer to dry your pet as they are not originally designed to dry your pets. The temperature of most hairdryers does not suit your pet’s needs. Without being careful, the use of hair dryers may cause harm to your pet.
  • Use of Pet Dryers – Pet dryers are specifically designed to be the best equipment to use when drying your pet.

What Are Pet Dryers?

Pet dryers are blow dryers specifically made for pets. They have the same technology that a human hair dryer uses, except that pet dryers are proven pet-safe.

Pet dryers have the following amazing features:

  • Easy to use – You will only need to press a button.
  • Convenient – Just connect it to a power supply to turn it on.
  • Efficient – It quickly dries your pets completely.
  • Safe – The temperature, speed and airflow of pet dryers are safe for all kinds of pets.

How to Use a Pet Dryer

It is easy to use a pet dryer. You can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a nozzle that suits your pet and connect it to your pet dryer.
  2. Connect the dryer to a power supply.
  3. Turn on the dryer and choose your desired setting of the temperature and speed.
  4. Point the nozzle to your pet to dry them.
  5. Dry your pet by moving the nozzle up and down and from back to front. Make sure that you can also reach the skin.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pet Dryer

If you want to buy a pet dryer, you need to make sure that you are buying the best one. The best pet dryer in Australia has the following features:

  • Comes with different nozzles to suit your pet depending on your pet’s fur type and body parts
  • Lets you control the air speed with a knob
  • With different temperature settings from warm to room temperature.
  • Quiet sound
  • Lightweight
  • With warranty

These features will help you and your pet get the best pet drying experience.

Key Takeaway

Pet grooming is time consuming and difficult, especially the pet drying process. However, with the proper and trusted equipment, pet grooming can be a satisfying work. 

A pet dryer is easy to use, convenient, efficient and safe for all pets.The use of pet dryers to dry your pets after bathing will save you plenty of time. And the more time you save, the more time you have to play and bond with your pets.

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