People who post on the internet change interests and product recommendations in large companies

Launch: Joe Sugg and Katie Piper on Strictly TV & # 39; s

Online stars that are paid to plug products: people who post thoughts, photos & videos & # 39; s, convert brand tips into big companies

Laura Shannon, financial post on Sunday

Launch: Joe Sugg and Katie Piper on Strictly TV & # 39; s

Launch: Joe Sugg and Katie Piper on Strictly TV & # 39; s

People who post thoughts, photos, videos and photos on the internet have turned their interests and product recommendations into big business.

Internet sensations that flourished in this way are Tanya Burr, Zoella and her younger brother Joe Sugg, who will appear on BBC One on Strictly Come Dancing this year.

Their online followers have grown so strongly that this has led to book deals, personal assortments and merchandise.

Fans who appreciate the style of social media influencers watch their channels or follow their messages to see what they wear, how they apply make-up and where they travel.

There are many people who try to capture the success that others have had by growing their online profiles and their personal wealth.

Market supervisors are now concerned that some online celebrities are not clear enough in their social media posts when a personal recommendation is sponsored rather than spontaneous. The Authority for Competition and Markets recently announced that it is examining social media stars that do not publish their rewards or payments for public endorsements.

The concern is that members of the public buy a product that is connected by an online celebrity, without knowing that they have actually been paid to make the recommendation.

George Lusty, the authority of the government, says: & # 39; When people see clothes, cosmetics, a car or a holiday they admire, they may be inclined to buy it. It is therefore important that it is clearly indicated whether a celebrity promotes a product because they have bought it themselves, or because they have been paid for or thanked in one way or another by the brand. & # 39;

An update of the study is expected at the end of the year.

The authority says that he likes to hear from people who have been convinced to buy products that are promoted via social media.

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