Pentagon admits China used Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal to portray U.S. as a ‘declining power’

According to a Pentagon report, Chinese diplomats and officials used the humiliating American withdrawal in Afghanistan 2021 to paint the U.S. as a weak partner and a “declining power.”

The report — an annual review of Chinese military capabilities — also says Beijing is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, and is on track to have 1500 warheads by 2035, nearly quadruple the number it has now.

It’s part of an effort by the government to strengthen the country by 2049, the centenary celebration of the communist takeover and to’revise international order’

The release of the document comes just two weeks after President Joe Biden met China’s Xi Jinping at the Group of 20 Summit in Bali (Indonesia) to try and repair their fractured relations. 

This is how the People’s Republic of China attempted to capitalize on Biden’s withdrawal form Afghanistan.

According to the Department of Defense, “In 2021 the PRC used multiple diplomatic instruments in an effort to reduce U.S. or partner influence such as highlighting U.S. withdrawals from Afghanistan and criticizing U.S. supported security partnerships.” 

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan marked the end of President Biden’s first year as president. As Afghan morale fell and American soldiers left, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The Final Days Of The Withdrawal Were Marked By Chaotic Scenes As Afghans Thronged Hamid Karzai International Airport In Kabul, Desperate For Safe Passage Out Of The Country

The withdrawal was marked by chaos as Afghans, desperate to flee the country, thronged Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul.

The Pentagon'S Annual Report On China'S Military Power Describes How Chinese Officials And State Media Outlets Used The Withdrawal To Portray The U.s. As A 'Declining Power'

According to the Pentagon’s annual report, China’s military power was used by Chinese officials and state media outlets to paint the U.S. as a declining power.

The U.S. troop withdrawal marked a low point during Biden’s presidency.

After Biden announced that he was returning the last American servicemen from the country, the Taliban advanced quickly.

The fighters of the Taliban invaded Kabul, causing panic and sending thousands of Afghans to the airport.

The Taliban was responsible for the security of American personnel and foreign nationals as they flew out from Afghanistan. 

The worst moment was Aug. 26, when a suicide bomber attacked the airport and killed at least 13 Americans as well as 160 Afghans.

According to a February report by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, up to 9000 Americans may have been left behind.

According to the report, China tried to demoralize American allies by using the withdrawal as propaganda.

‘P.R.C. “P.R.C.

American And Afghan Dumped Billions Of Dollars Of Gear In The Hurried Retreat

American and Afghan soldiers hurriedly retreated with billions of dollars’ worth of gear

It Left The Taliban Back In Control Of Kabul - Just As They Were 20 Years Ago When The U.s. Launched Its War In Afganistan. It Also Meant They Oversaw Security For The U.s. Withdrawal

The Taliban were able to regain control of Kabul, just like they were in Afganistan 20 years ago. They were also responsible for security during the U.S. withdrawal.

National security commentators back home have raised similar concerns. They claimed that the withdrawal had left the Afghan government and its allies behind, including the U.K. which stated it was blindsided.

Republicans said that Russia may have been emboldened to invade Ukraine by the Republicans, and that Xi might be more confident in his plans for Taiwan if Washington appears to be withdrawing from the global stage. 

In the meantime, this new report expands on last year’s Pentagon warning that China is growing its nuclear force faster than U.S. officials predicted. It is also building military muscle that will allow Beijing to match or surpass U.S. power by midcentury.

It refers to China as the only competitor with the ‘intent, and, increasingly so, the ability, to reshape international order.

Officials predicted that China would increase its nuclear arsenal by 700 warheads over the next six years, and 1000 by 2030.

'The Department Of Defense Estimates That (China'S) Operational Nuclear Warheads Stockpile Has Surpassed 400,' The Report Said. Washington Has Identified Beijing As The Most Consequential Challenge To The United States

The report stated that the Department of Defense had estimated that China’s operational nuclear warheads stockpile exceeded 400. Washington has named Beijing the most significant threat to the United States.

According to the Pentagon, China has 400 warheads in 2018. However, this number could increase to 1500 by 2035. This is a sign that China is trying to catch up to the U.S. with 3,750 nuclear warheads.

It is part of the military modernization program.

Beijing wants Taiwan to be under its control. Xi also gave his military until 2027 so that it could develop the military capability necessary to retake the island of self-government, which the Communist Party claims is its. 

According to the Pentagon’s report 2022, ‘If achieved, this 2027 goal could allow the (People’s Liberation Army’) capabilities to be a more reliable military tool for China Communist Party to use as it pursues Taiwan unification.’

To help Taiwan defend itself and rebuff any attack, the U.S. has provided billions in military weapons.

The report states that China is striving to achieve ‘the great revitalizion of China’ by 2049. 

‘The strategy is a determined pursuit of political, social, and military modernity to expand the PRC’s national power, perfect its governance, and revise the international order in support of Beijing’s system of governance and national interests,’ it says.

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