Pennsylvania House Explodes After Suspect Threatens Code Enforcement Officer With Gun


BREAKING: Pennsylvania Home Explodes After Suspect ‘Threatened Police Officer With Gun And Then Barricaded Himself Inside’

At least three Pennsylvania condominiums go up in flames after a man threatened a police officer with a gun and barricaded himself as police arrived.

Mike Jackson, chief of police for Lower Providence Township, said the police officer was following an inspection at a home in Eagleville — about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia — around 1 p.m. when the homeowner grabbed a gun.

The enforcement officer ran and called police, who responded and spoke to the man outside, Jackson said

The homeowner went back inside, and then there were “several loud explosions” followed by a fire, Jackson said.

News helicopters showed flames raging through the buildings.

Nearly three hours later, firefighters are still battling the inferno.