Pennsylvania dentist facing death sentence for killing his wife on safari admits he’s a ‘dead person’

A wealthy Pennsylvania dentist who faces the death penalty for murdering his wife on safari to claim her $4.8million life insurance has admitted to his mistress on a prison phone call: ‘I’m a dead man.’

Lawrence ‘Larry’ Rudolph, 67, was found guilty in August of blasting his wife Bianca in the heart with a shotgun in Zambia in 2016, then fraudulently claiming $4.8million in life insurance payouts to build a new life with his mistress Lori Milliron.

Although he is still awaiting to hear if the killer faces a life sentence, Milliron recently released a call in which he said that he will be dying in prison.

Milliron, who was also convicted for providing false and misleading testimony to a grand jury’ about the money and the nature of her relationship with Rudolph, is now living in their nearly completed custom-built mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Lawrence ‘Larry’ Rudolph, 67,  is facing the death penalty for murdering his wife Bianca on safari in 2016

She Rudolph was interrogated and said that he didn’t think at 65 years old that he would need a new career.

The convict said: “You should look for new boyfriends while you can.”‘~

But she replied: “Honey, my name is convicted felon. That’s appealing …’.”

Rudolph said then: “Well, just wanted to say that I love and respect you.”

Milliron replied: “Take care yourself. Never, never give up. Please.’

But he said that he didn’t give up. It’s all about facing reality. I’m a dead man.

‘I’m gonna die in prison. I don’t want anyone to take you or me with them. It’s unfair.  

The Killer Is Awaiting To Hear If He Faces A Life Sentence After Killing His Wife With Whom He Said He Was In An Open Relationship With (Pictured Together)

After killing his wife, the killer is still waiting to hear if he will be sentenced to life imprisonment (pictured together). 

Prosecutors Alleged Rudolph Killed His Wife Of 34 Years To Be With His Girlfriend, Lori Milliron (Pictured)

Prosecutors allege Rudolph killed his wife of over 34 years to be with Lori Milliron (pictured).

Rudolph was found guilty in June of murder and mail-fraud after a three week trial in Denver. 

Six men and six ladies voted for the prosecution. They believed that the dentist pre-planned to murder his wife of 34-years in cold blood in order start a new life together with Milliron.

The same jury found Milliron guilty of being an accessory to the fact of murder, obstruction of the grand jury and two counts perjury before the grand jury. 

She He was not found guilty of three other counts perjury.

Rudolph insisted his innocence. His two adult children, Rudolph and his wife, sat in court during the trial to support him. Markus stated that they would appeal their conviction.

File - The Son, Left, And Daughter, Back Right, Of Pittsburgh Dentist Lawrence &Quot;Larry&Quot; Rudolph Head Into Federal Court For The Afternoon Session Of The Trial, July 13, 2022, In Denver

FILE – The son and the daughter of Pittsburgh dentist Lawrence Rudolph (left) enter federal court in Denver for the afternoon trial session, July 13, 2022.

We believe in Larry. Outside of court, he stated that he believed in Larry’s family.

Bianca died after being shot by a Browning shotgun in their cabin while she was packing up as they were set to leave Zambia and start their journey home to the US.

Gamekeepers and Scouts heard a gunshot from their cabin at 5 a.m. on October 11, 2016. 

Bianca was lying on the ground, with a gunshot wound in her chest. 

Rudolph’s defense team argued that Bianca, a federal prosecutor, may have accidentally shot Rudolph. 

However, Rudolph was accused by prosecutors of killing his wife to be together with Milliron. Milliron had been Rudolph’s mistress for over 20 years.

Rudolph claimed he was in an open marriage from 2000 to the time he killed his wife Bianca in October 2016.

“I didn’t kill my wife. My wife could not be killed. Rudolph said that he would not kill his wife.

Rudolph Claimed An Unfamiliar Shotgun He And Bianca Brought With Them To Hunt A Leopard Accidentally Went Off, Wounding Her As She Hurried To Pack

Rudolph claimed that the shotgun Bianca and he brought with them to hunt leopards accidentally went off, injuring Bianca as she ran to pack.

Despite Martial Problems, Rudolph Said He And His Wife, With Whom Shared Two Children, Agreed To Stay Married But Were Free To Pursue Sexual Relationships With Other People

Rudolph claimed that despite having some problems with his martial arts, he and his spouse, Rudolph, agreed to remain married. However, Rudolph allowed his wife to pursue sexual relationships other than their own.

Rudolph was arrested in December 2021 on suspicion of murder.

The 67 year-old told police that he was in his bathroom when he heard his wife shout ‘come here, help me’. After hearing the shot, he found his wife lying on the floor bleeding.

In opening statements, the prosecution told jurors that Rudolph was overheard blurting out: ‘I killed my f***ing wife for you!’ After learning that the FBI was investigating his death, Rudolph got into an argument with Milliron in a Phoenix steakhouse.

Rudolph denied confessing that he had killed his wife. 

He Milliron claimed that he was having an argument with him about their finances, and how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect Pennsylvania’s dental franchise, which had made Milliron a small fortune. 

He was still annoyed by the fact that he said that his top concern was the FBI probe.

Rudolph Practised Dentistry Out Of Pittsburgh'S Three Rivers Dental Which Made Him A Small Fortune

Rudolph practiced dentistry out of Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Dental. This made him a small fortune.

Rudolph said what he actually said was ‘Now they’re saying I killed my f***ing wife for you.’

Rudolph stated that despite marital problems and being close to divorcing twice, he and his wife had agreed to remain married and were allowed to have sexual relationships with other people. 

Rudolph stated that neither Milliron or his wife gave him any ultimatums regarding ending his relationship.

David Markus, Rudolph’s lawyer, stated that Rudolph had no financial motive to murder. Rudolph was worth over $15 million at the time his wife died. The insurance payout went into trust for their children.

According to the defense, Zambian authorities determined that the shooting was accidental just two days after it happened. The same conclusion was reached by investigators representing the insurers that later paid $4.8 millions.

Prosecutors claim that Bianca Rudolph was injured by a shot from 2 to 3 feet away. They also claim that the barrel of the gun was too large for her to have fired it herself.

He was found guilty by a jury and awaits sentencing. 

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