Peloton says it may take “months” to return the treadmill after a recall


Peloton expects it will be several months before one of its treadmills goes back up for sale after a recall on both models was issued yesterday. One of the models posed the risk of “injury or death,” Peloton said.

The higher-end Tread Plus treadmill, which has been on sale since 2018, “could take months” to get back on the market, Peloton CEO John Foley said during an afternoon talk with investors. Peloton must develop a hardware solution to prevent people, animals and objects from being sucked under the machine and then have that solution approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). A six-year-old child recently died after being pulled under a Tread Plus, the committee said.

The cheaper machine, the Tread, could be back on sale as early as July, Foley said. He said the timeline for a fix to be approved could be six to eight weeks. Fastening the tread will be easier, he said, because it largely involves changing screws and washers.

Peloton recalled both treadmill models yesterday out of concern they could injure owners or others in their vicinity. The Tread Plus had the most serious problems, with more than 70 recorded incidents pulling adults, children, pets or objects under the treadmill.

The problems were less serious for the cheaper Tread model. The CPSC said there were 18 incidents where the Tread’s touchscreen fell off and caused minor cuts and bruises in the UK and Canada, where it’s mainly for sale. That model has only been sold in limited numbers in the US, but it was scheduled to go on sale at large scale from May 27.

Foley told investors the company’s treadmills would be returning for safety reasons, saying the company should be a “safety leader in the industry.” He said the company’s repaired products would be “some of the safest, if not the safest treadmills in the world,” and that “when we get them back on the market, we expect them to be by far the best and the safest products on the market. market. products. “

Platoon initially opposed the CPSC’s push for a recall. In a note from yesterday, Foley said that was a mistake. “We should have been more productive with [the CPSC] from the start, ”wrote Foley. “I apologize for that.”