Peloton ends software support for bicycles with the first generation of its monitor

Early users of the Peloton fitness bikes face an expensive upgrade: this week the company announced to users via email that it stop sending updates to cycling using the first generation of its touchscreen monitor. This model was sold in 2014 when Peloton first launched his bike before launching a second iteration in 2016 that allowed users to cast their screen to a smart TV.


Peloton says that first-generation screen users can still ride their bikes and have access to live stream and on-demand content as usual, but they will no longer receive support for new features. (We contacted Peloton to clarify if this includes bug fixes and we will update when we hear this.) In the past months, delays and performance issues have occurred a problem for users with an older monitor on their bikes while the company continues to push new updates for music control, support for wireless headphones and training metric displays.

Peloton offers affected users a discount code to purchase the latest version of the screen (now in the third generation) for $ 350 – that's more than 50 percent off the full value of $ 750 – for those who wanted to upgrade before this week's news. However, tax and shipping costs are separate. The company says that if you are eligible for a discounted upgrade, you must receive a purchase code in your email. Those who have purchased a second-hand bicycle may also be able to retrieve a code if they email the Peloton support team with the serial number on their monitor. (Generation 1 monitors have a red button at the top as shown above; later models use a gray button.) If you experience other mechanical problems such as problems with pedals, wheels, resistance buttons or broken water bottle holders, you should still be able to get help to address those issues.

After the news was announced, users seem to have mixed reactions to the official Peloton Facebook group. While some are understandably angry about spending another part of the money on their already expensive investment, others say that technology is constantly evolving and that the willingness to upgrade a gadget that you use regularly is no different than to change your smartphone every few years.

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