Peloton Bike Plus GymKit support no longer works with Bike Bootcamp classes


Peloton introduced its Bike Plus with a much-requested feature: GymKit support. But now the company is withdrawing some of that functionality. A Peloton spokesperson confirmed this The edge today GymKit no longer works with Bike Bootcamp classes and will instead be ‘only available in cycling classes for now’. The spokesperson also said, “Peloton is committed to bringing the GymKit integration to all workouts and disciplines within Apple’s terms of service,” seemingly suggesting that boot camp workouts were not covered by those terms.

This change is disruptive to users who may have purchased the Bike Plus specifically for the GymKit support. It’s the first piece of hardware from the affiliate fitness company to support GymKit, and the direct Apple Watch integration makes workout tracking easy, especially during Bike Bootcamp, which combines cycling and strength exercises. Now users will have to find a way to keep track of these tricky workouts, such as starting, ending a cycling workout, switching to a strength workout, ending, and so on. People can also try a cross training workout, but that may not include the full workout either. In combination with the Apple Watch, the Bike Plus also displays users’ heart rates on the screen. This has now also disappeared from boot camp classes.

This is the reality that Peloton users will face for the time being, at least until Apple starts backing up the bootcamp classes in its terms or Peloton comes up with something at the end. I have a Bike Plus at home and use it with an Apple Watch, and I noticed the change right away. It was shocking! My output always seemed unusually high during boot camp workouts so they may not have been accurate, but it was nice to see my heart rate on the screen and automatically track my workout. I am sorry to see this functionality disappear, but I hope it can return in the future, albeit with more accurate statistics.