Peak Design’s new magnet-powered phone case has been delayed until August


Peak Design has announced that it is delaying the shipment of products in his Kickstarter campaign for Mobile, a wide range of phone accessories designed to make it easy to mount your phone on everything from the handlebars of a motorcycle to a simple dock on your desk. It aims to be compatible with iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Originally intended for May, the company now expects to be able to start shipping in August, although some products will also arrive later. To make up for this, Peak either offers full refunds for cancellations or discounts on other Peak Design products.

Peak Design has used Kickstarter to launch everything from camera-facing backpacks to tripods and the original product, an innovative camera mounting clip. But this new project has a different ambition: it’s multiple products designed to work together in an interlocking system of mounts, wireless chargers, mini stands, wallets and cases. The key to the whole system is a combination of magnets and physical locking mechanisms that can vary from product to product.

The project apparently started about two years ago, which means that just before the company was due to launch in October 2020, Apple announced the iPhone 12 – complete with the MagSafe system of cases, chargers and wallets that can be connected with magnets.

Some prototypes in Peak Design’s mobile system

Apple’s MagSafe system and Peak Design’s magnet system are different, but the company made the call to try to make its system interoperable with MagSafe in some way. That meant testing its products for all the different variables it could think of, mixing and matching Peak Design’s large product portfolio with Apple’s new system.

That complexity is one of the reasons for the delay, the first in Peak Design’s long-running marketing products on Kickstarter. The second is the obvious one: delays introduced by COVID-19. The designers were unable to travel to the factory to test their designs or go to their local workshop to fix problems immediately.

The company expects the first wave to feature the most basic products in its range, cases and some core mounts / accessories, with a second wave ‘later’.

Peak Design will email Kickstarter supporters discount codes for its products (20 percent off everything plus 50 percent off a future purchase in the mobile product line). It also says that people who want to cancel their pledge can send an email to