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Pauline Hanson’s three-step solution to solve Australia’s housing crisis


Pauline Hanson says the solution to Australia’s housing crisis is simple: read her three-step solution that she says the majority of Aussies support

  • Pauline Hanson has called for migration to be reduced
  • One Nation leader says it’s a solution to the housing crisis
  • She claims that her party’s position is supported by most voters

Pauline Hanson has called on the Albanian government to curb immigration and ban foreign ownership of homes.

Speaking out on Wednesday, the One Nation leader highlighted a recent poll that she says shows the majority of Australians support her policies on immigration, foreign investment and access to super to solve the housing crisis.

The poll, which surveyed 1,138 people, found that 59 per cent of Australians supported a reduction in immigration until there was ‘sufficient affordable housing’.

About 68 percent of respondents also supported further restrictions on foreign investment in real estate, 60 percent voted for a rent freeze and 56 percent wanted the government to allow people to access their super to buy a house.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson (pictured) says her party’s position on cutting immigration to solve the housing crisis is supported by most Australians in the latest Essential poll


1. Immigration capped

Reduce immigration to ‘sustainable levels’ so demand for housing would ‘reduce significantly’

2. Prohibition of Foreign Ownership of Homes

Ban foreign ownership of all properties, both new and established, and give foreign owners 12 months to exit the market. “With a critical shortage of housing stock in Australia, we need to stop selling properties to non-residents and non-citizens,” says Hanson.

3. Let Aussies use their super to buy a house

Give Australians access to extra money in their retirement to buy a home.

“The Essential survey released yesterday clearly shows that Australian voters understand that record immigration is impacting housing availability and affordability,” she said.

‘Since before the last election, I have been advocating for less immigration to reduce the demand for housing.

Our policy also includes prohibiting foreign ownership of housing – as New Zealand and Canada have done – to increase the supply of housing in Australia.

“One Nation’s policy also includes allowing Australians access to their Superannuation to buy a home, and the poll supports this with 56 per cent of voters favoring access.”

Senator Hanson, however, said her party disagreed with most voters’ position to freeze rents — a position echoed by the Greens.

The One Nation leader explained she was against this because she wanted to ‘incentivize Australians to invest in long-term housing, not discourage them’.

“The Albanian government will ignore voters’ support for less immigration,” she said, aiming at the prime minister.

“The Prime Minister is determined to bring a record number of immigrants to Australia, with 715,000 new people coming to Australia this year and next.”

The poll found that 59 per cent of Australians favored a reduction in immigration until there was 'sufficient affordable housing'

The poll found that 59 per cent of Australians favored a reduction in immigration until there was ‘sufficient affordable housing’

Senator Hanson said this was the “biggest two-year population increase in Australian history, powered by Labor as the country struggles – and fails – to accommodate the people who already live here.”

‘The housing and rental crisis is a simple economy: too little supply and too much demand. Our policies increase supply and decrease demand,” she added.

“It makes sense, and it’s clear that voters agree.”

Senator Hanson made the same argument in March, when it was originally revealed that more than 300,000 migrants were expected to arrive in Australia this year.

She told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Most Australians do not support high levels of immigration and One Nation wants to hold a national plebiscite on the issue so that the major parties can show this unequivocally and introduce immigration policies that reflect what voters want. instead of what big retailers want.’

“The treasurer is on board with the big retailers and other big companies, ignoring the electorate – most of us just don’t want a great Australia.”

The Treasury Budget papers predict a record 400,000 migrants arriving in Australia in 2023-2023, followed by another 315,000 in 2023-24.

The rental vacancy rate in Australia’s capital stands at a very tight 1.2 percent, leading to a 20.7 percent increase in rents over the past year, data from SQM Research showed.

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