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Pauline Hanson criticizes the Anthony Albanese government for its high rate of immigration


Pauline Hanson calls out Anthony Albanese government and says it’s time for zero immigration: ‘Australia is full – so are our hospitals and schools’

  • One nation leader slams high immigration
  • Pauline Hanson says the nation is sinking
  • Refers to a chronic housing shortage

‘Australia is bursting at the seams’, says Pauline Hanson, founder of One Nation, when she criticized the Albanian government for Australia’s high rates of immigration.

In a harsh takedown posted on Twitter, Senator Hanson claimed that “rising labor migration is literally forcing Australian families to live on the streets – and winter is coming”.

Senator Hanson pointed to an article in The Australian revealing that 650,000 migrants would arrive over this financial year and next.

She noted that this was more than the populations of Canberra and Darwin combined.

“Australia is bursting at the seams,” she wrote.

“Australia is full – and so are our hospitals and schools.”

One Country leader Pauline Hanson has criticized the Albanian government’s high turnout of immigrants

“We already have a shortfall of about 700,000 homes for people who are already here.”

It accused the federal Labor government of failing to fix the housing crisis and only making it “worse”.

“In my home state of Queensland, homelessness has increased by 22 per cent in just five years,” Senator Hanson wrote.

“Increasing numbers of Australian families are living in tents, sheds, caravans and on the streets.”

Senator Hanson mocked Labor’s plan to build more social housing.

Senator Hanson says Australia

Senator Hanson says Australia is ‘full’ and cannot house, educate or treat new arrivals

“The pathetic Future Housing Action Fund – if it gets up – will make absolutely no difference,” she wrote.

‘30,000 new homes in five years? What a sad joke.

Senator Hanson argued that since Australia could not absorb all newcomers, the nation should cut back those who move down.

“We should prioritize net zero migration, not net carbon dioxide,” she wrote.

“We must stop this flood or we will all drown.”

For Senator Hanson, this was a return to the type of speech that first made her name and gained her a measure of notoriety.

In her first parliamentary speech in 1996 in the House of Representatives, Senator Hanson caused a storm of controversy by claiming that Australia was “at risk of being swamped by Asians”.

Senator Hanson’s views on this and Aboriginal issues had already seen them rejected by the Liberal Party, then led by John Howard.

Although elected under the heading of being a liberal, she entered the independent parliament and in February 1997 formed the One State.

After stints on and off One Nation, Hanson was re-elected at last year’s May election as the party’s first choice for a further six years in the Senate as a Queensland state senator.

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