Home Sports Paul Merson says 115 charges must be dealt with before Man City can make Premier League claim

Paul Merson says 115 charges must be dealt with before Man City can make Premier League claim

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city ​​of manchester They can’t call themselves the greatest first division team in history until its 115 charges are resolved, according to Pablo Merson.

first Arsenal The midfielder has praised Pep Guardiola’s “phenomenal” team as they close in on their fourth consecutive title, a feat never before achieved in the league.

But the ongoing case revolving around City’s financial conduct between 2008 and 2019 has raised questions from fans, ahead of a resolution “in the near future” as promised by Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.

The defending champions have always steadfastly denied any wrongdoing.

Merson, however, is willing to wait for the result to decide where City ranks in the list of all-time great English teams, despite their likely record-breaking achievement this weekend.

“I have always wondered if this Manchester City is the best in the history of the Premier League,” he wrote for sportskeeda.

“You have to see what the charges entail before you make a verdict on this, but they are just a phenomenal team.

“They’ve done it year after year and they make other teams look ridiculously average; it’s unbelievable.”

City will host West Ham on Sunday two points ahead of Arsenalwho plays against Everton.

Merson, 56, is resigned to the Gunners being denied their first title in two decades.

“This is a good game for (City) to play on the last day of the season, but they have to score early to ease the nerves,” he continued.

“Against Tottenham their nerves were on edge and they only started to play fluid football after Erling Haaland’s second goal.

“A lot can happen on the last day of the season and scoring first should be the name of the game for both of us. city ​​man and Arsenal.”

Of the Gunners, he wrote: “Arsenal have done absolutely nothing wrong this season and have recovered very well after missing out on the title last season, but the sad reality is that they look likely to finish second again.

“They are a fantastic team with a very good young manager and my only concern will be whether they can recover mentally after two grueling title runs.

“Everton will turn up and Sean Dyche will want his players to try, but I don’t see anything other than an Arsenal win.”

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