Paul Hogan’s best friend and manager John ‘Strop’ Cornell dies at age 80

John ‘Strop’ Cornell, Paul Hogan’s best friend and manager, dies aged 80 after helping Crocodile Dundee become a global sensation and change the game of cricket forever

John ‘Strop’ Cornell has died aged 80.

Cornell is best known for discovering Paul Hogan while working as a producer on the TV show A Current Affair in 1971, before later becoming the manager of the legendary Australian actor.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he passed by his home in Byron Bay while surrounded by his family and children, including his wife Delvene Delaney.

Farewell: Paul Hogan’s best friend and longtime manager John ‘Strop’ Cornell has died aged 80 (pictured together)

“John Cornell, a classic Australian character, has made the lives he touched much richer, not only through donations, but also through his generosity, humor, humility and honour,” his family said in a statement.

“A true egalitarian, John sought equality and equality, and fought for a fair chance.”

Cornell was fundamental to the creation of World Series Cricket, which created the one-day form of the game.

He worked closely with media mogul Kerry Packer to start the rebel league, which sent shockwaves through the cricket establishment.

The pair launched daring attacks to attract the best players in the world and Cornell was instrumental in marketing the breakaway company, which grew from early battles and became a milestone in Australian sporting history.