Patriots owner Robert Kraft ‘lends team plane to Virginia football players to attend funerals’

Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner, loaned one of the two planes to University of Virginia players who were attending the funerals of co-workers who were killed in an attack on campus earlier this month.

Devin Chandler, D’Sean Perry and Lavel Davis Jr., their teammates, were shot to death aboard a charter bus on November 13, as they returned from Washington, where they attended a play. 

According to authorities, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was a UVA student. He shot students on board the bus when it stopped at a campus garage. Two other students were also hurt, including Mike Hollins (football player).

According to reports, Perry’s funeral took place in Miami on Saturday, while Chandler’s was held in Virginia Beach on Sunday. Services for Davis will take place in South Carolina on Wednesday.

Brandon Lloyd, a Charlottesville-based sports writer, shared the Patriots’ generosity on Twitter: “Just seen New England’s plane.” [Charlottesville Albemarle Airport]. It was an incredible gesture. has received confirmation from Patriots spokespeople that they did indeed lend the plane to players. 

Robert Kraft, the owner of New England Patriots, donated one of two team planes to University of Virginia football players who were attending the funerals of colleagues who died in an attack on campus earlier this month. Brandon Lloyd, an ex-sportswriter from Charlottesville (Virginia), revealed the Patriots’ generosity on Twitter: ‘Just seen New England’s airplane at [Charlottesville Albemarle Airport]. It’s an incredible gesture.

Teammates D'Sean Perry (Right), Devin Chandler (Left), And Lavel Davis Jr. (Center) Were Murdered On November 13 Aboard A Bus As They Returned To Campus After Traveling To Washington, Where Their Class Attended A Play

D’Sean Perry (left), Devin Chandler and Lavel Davis Jr. (center), were killed on November 13. They were returning to campus from Washington, where they had traveled to see a play.

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Appears Before The November 24 Game Against The Vikings

Robert Kraft, Patriots owner appears before the November 24-game against the Vikings was informed by a spokesperson for the NCAA that the plane ride is not an illegal gift and the team does not face any penalties for accepting it. 

The Cavaliers had to cancel their last two games of the season. However, Hollins was released by the hospital following a serious injury.

‘Mike has been discharged!!!’ Brenda Hollins was Mike’s mother and wrote a tweet. ‘HALLELUJAH, I want to thank everybody for their prayers, texts messages, and calls.

“This was a true test of faith, and I am grateful.” GOD has proven to me that he is faithful. She added. “Please keep praying for Mike as Mike recovers and settles in to his new life.”

Hollins was injured in the back, and required two surgeries.

Brenda Hollins wrote, “Please continue to pray about the Chandler, Davis and Perry families,” They need us! GOD is awesome!

Hollins had an impressive season with the Cavaliers prior to the shooting. He gained 215 yards and scored a pair touchdowns on 53 carries.

University Officials And Police Have Said Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., 22, Joined A Group Of About Two Dozen Others On A Field Trip Sunday From The Charlottesville Campus To See A Play In The Nation'S Capital, About 120 Miles (195 Kilometers) Away

Jones Was A Member Of The Football Team During The 2018 Season, A One-Semester Walk-On, According To Athletics Director Carla Williams

Officials from the university and police confirmed that Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was part of a group of around two dozen people who went on Sunday to Charlottesville’s campus to see a play at the capital, 120 miles away. According to Carla Williams, Jones was a walk-on football player during the 2018 season.

University Of Virginia Running Back Mike Hollins (Right) Has Been Released From The Hospital After Being Wounded In An On-Campus Mass Shooting That Claimed The Lives Of Three Teammates. 'Mike Has Been Discharged!!!' Brenda Hollins (Left), Mike'S Mother, Wrote On Twitter . 'Hallelujah I Want To Thank Everyone For Their Prayers, Text Messages, And Calls

After being injured in an attack on campus that resulted in the deaths of three of his teammates, University of Virginia runningback Mike Hollins has been discharged from the hospital. ‘Mike has been discharged!!!’ Brenda Hollins (left), Mike’s mother, posted on Twitter: HALLELUJAH! I want thank everyone for their prayers and text messages as well as the calls.

According to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the three players were shot to the head and died.

Jones, 23, is facing second-degree murder charges and other charges in connection with the shooting. This set off a 12-hour campus lockdown that triggered a manhunt before Jones was captured in suburban Richmond. Jones is being held in lieu of bond.

To honor the three victims, thousands of people gathered at Virginia’s football team, coaches, and staff this month.

This service was held one day after Virginia basketball players made a special tribute to their team when they returned on court for the first-time since the shooting.

Only time can reveal God’s purpose in all of this. Tony Elliott, the first-year head coach, stated that he is confident that all three of them are enjoying paradise and speaking positive things for each other in preparation for when they will all be together again.

Thousands Of People Joined Virginia'S Football Team, Coaches And Staff For A Memorial Service In Charlottesville Saturday To Honor Three Players Who Were Shot Dead Last Weekend

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in Charlottesville to remember three football players who were killed last weekend.

Ross Brown Places Flowers On A Memorial At John Paul Jones Arena On The University'S Campus

Ross Brown flowers at John Paul Jones Arena, the university’s campus.

Elliott said to the friends and family members seated in the second row: “I am grateful that you are willing to share your family’s gifts with us all.”

Carla Williams, the athletic director, shared the stories from the families of the players this week and said that the tragedy had ‘pushed me to the limits’.

She said, “We are stronger and will do even better because their legacies will never fade at University of Virginia,” adding, “We love your sons.”

At Jones’s first court appearance, a witness said that the gunman had targeted certain victims and shot one while he slept. A prosecutor confirmed this Wednesday. Two other students were also injured.

University Of Virginia Athletic Director Carla Williams, Left, And Football Coach Tony Elliott Wipe Tears From Their Eyes During Service For Lavel Davis Jr., D'Sean Perry And Devin Chandler

University of Virginia Athletic Director Carla Williams, left, and football coach Tony Elliott wipe tears from their eyes during service for Lavel Davis Jr., D’Sean Perry and Devin Chandler

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