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Patrick Mahomes is likely to receive another mega-contract.


Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the best playcallers in the NFL. In a salary comparison, however, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs could soon drift into mediocrity. His team therefore wants to make corrections if necessary.

In July 2020, Mahomes signed a ten-year contract worth 450 million dollars – the highest-paying contract in US sports history to date. In the recent past, however, salaries in the QB position have exploded, which is why the Texan native has been overtaken by some colleagues in terms of annual earnings.

For example, in the spring of 2022, Aaron Rodgers took the lead when he signed a three-year contract with the Green Bay Packers that includes an annual salary of $50 million.

A few weeks ago, Jalen Hurts raised the bar even higher. His contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles made him the highest-paid player in the NFL. Hurts will rake in $51 million per season in the future.

Mahomes, who has had more Super Bowl appearances than any other signal caller in the past four years, may be jealous of his competitors, who receive tremendous appreciation from their teams.

NFL exec hints at talks with Mahomes

Kansas City may want to adjust Mahomes’ salaries so that their quarterback doesn’t even start to think. At least that’s what Chiefs general manager Brett Veach suggested.

“We have a special relationship with Mahomes and his agent,” Veach said at a news conference on Thursday. “We’re always looking at what’s best for the organization but also for Mahomes.”

With Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, two other playcallers are about to extend their contracts. According to Veach, the chiefs will await the outcome of those negotiations “and once that’s done, we’ll see what we can do from that point of view.”

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