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Patrick Mahomes breaks his silence his brother Jackson’s arrest for aggravated sexual battery


Patrick Mahomes breaks his silence during the arrest of his younger brother Jackson, 23, for aggravated sexual assault… three months after he was accused of forcibly kissing the owner of a bar, 40

  • Patrick Mahomes refused to talk about his brother’s sexual arrest
  • Jackson is accused of grabbing a woman by the neck and forcibly kissing her
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has repeatedly refused to discuss his brother Jackson’s sexual arrest, describing the situation as a “personal thing” that he “was going to keep to himself.”

Speaking to reporters at Organized Team Activities (OTA), the two-time Super Bowl champion was faced with back-to-back questions on the subject, but declined to address the outstanding allegations his brother was facing.

“At the end of the day,” Mahomes said, “I come here to play football and try to take care of my family, at the same time.”

“So keep that to myself and go out and play some football when I’m in the building.

‘It’s your family. but you must come here and do a job. And that’s what I try to do every day.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (right) and his younger brother Jackson (left)

Jackson allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck and kissed her three times against her will

Jackson Mahomes, right, leaves the courtroom following a bail motion hearing in Johnson County District Court on Tuesday, May 16

Jackson allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck and kissed her three times against her will

Jackson, Patrick’s younger brother who developed his own identity as a social media influencer, allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck and kissed her against her will three times earlier this year.

Jackson has been charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of battery after the incident at the Aspens Restaurant and Lounge in Overland Park, Kansas on February 25.

During a brief hearing earlier this month, a Johnson County judge granted Jackson’s request to change his bond agreement so he can speak to three of the four people listed as witnesses, who are his friends.

Mahomes declined to comment before and after his preliminary hearing. He was released after posting $100,000 bond.

The hearing came a day after a redacted affidavit provided more details about the alleged assault on restaurant owner Aspen Vaugh.

Investigators said Mahomes pushed a server at the restaurant who tried to enter a room where he was with Vaughn. After the waiter left, Mahomes grabbed her by the throat and forcefully kissed her three times without her consent, according to the court document.

She told police Mahomes was a friend of her daughter-in-law and had caused trouble and been asked to leave the restaurant in the past.

According to the affidavit, two waiters in the area did not hear her plea for help, but later confirmed that she told them about the assault and showed them a bruise on her neck.

Aspen Vaughn allegedly pushed him out of her as he joined her three times during the incident

Aspen Vaughn allegedly pushed him out of her as he joined her three times during the incident

Mahomes, who is a social media influencer on TikTok and Instagram, asked Vaughn not to tell anyone what happened, then said he could help his business because he has a “great social media following. “, said the investigators.

Vaughn’s boyfriend came to the restaurant and, after finding out what had happened, ordered Mahomes and his friends to leave.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Johnson County District Judge Thomas M. Sutherland said Mahomes could not speak to any of the witnesses, who had direct knowledge of the incident. He warned the other three witnesses that they could not speak to Mahomes about the case, Kansas City media reported.

Mahomes’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 31.

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