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Path of Exile: Probably the biggest Diablo competitor is currently being played more than ever before – WhatsNew2Day


Path of Exile is enjoying a huge player wave. Thank you Crucible!

The action role-playing game Path of Exile must have struck a chord: After the Diablo 4 beta, a replacement may have been diligently searched for, so the free game is releasing a big update at just the right time. The success can hardly be overlooked, after all, the number of players has increased tenfold from one day to the next.

From previous 22,000 players logged in aloud SteamDB on April 8th joined 211,000 people in Path of Exile. If all platforms are added together, it actually was over 320,000 concurrent playersas the developers announce on Twitter. The title has thus also surpassed its previous player record by around 50,000 players.

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In the meantime, the numbers have gone down a good bit again, but with almost 130,000 players on Steam, the servers are still well filled. But the Diablo 4 beta could already do it boast impressive figures.

What’s in the update?

Obviously it’s named the new update Crucible in itself. One of the most important innovations are the skill trees, which are now available for individual weapons. The game offers even more bonuses to improve your characters. In order to get them, you have to prove your skills in so-called Crucible encounters, which let you compete against demanding bosses.

But there are also nine new skills for Vaal, endgame expansions, revamped Masteries, and more. We summarize the innovations in our separate Crucible news for you.

Path of Exile: The Action RPG gets even more talent trees!

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Path of Exile: The Action RPG gets even more talent trees!

Are you going to revisit Path of Exile and see how much has changed, or is the only relevant action role-playing game for you called Diablo 4? And what are you still missing from Path of Exile so that you don’t go under for the release of the highly anticipated Blizzard game? Write it to us in the comments!

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