Climate crusader cricket captain Pat Cummins opposed a $40 million endorsement deal with an electric company, but is currently starring in an ad for the massively polluting travel industry and is an ambassador for the razor company Gilette disposables.

Cummins caused a furore earlier this month when it was revealed that he had “ethical objections” to Cricket Australia’s major sponsorship deal with Alinta Energy because it did not “align” with his values.

But the athlete is now starring in a commercial for, which is part of an international travel industry responsible for between eight and 11 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. By comparison, Australia as a whole is responsible for just over one percent of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Cummins said in a press release for the announcement: “As an avid traveler and user of, I know from experience that unforgettable travel experiences start with a reservation.”

“I had a fantastic time working with the team at on this campaign and I hope it inspires Australians to book their travel and absolutely enjoy the upcoming sporting summer now that it’s safe and open for travel again.”

Climate crusade cricket captain Pat Cummins is currently starring in an advertisement for the massively polluting travel industry. In the photo, a screenshot of his ad for

Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President of, hailed the announcement as an “opportunity to experience the excitement of an international cricket tournament in person, it’s a compelling reason to travel for millions of cricket fans around the world.”

In the ad, Cummins is seen sitting on a couch with another man, then in a stadium with him, where he takes a selfie. He then throws a ball that is caught by the same man, but Cummins magically appears next to him again.

The ad ends with the player and their friend in a hotel lobby.

Cummins’ Instagram page also shows him regularly shaving with Gilette-brand razors, a company famous for its largely disposable razors.

Cummins was recently so concerned about Alinta Energy’s parent company, Pioneer Sail Holdings, as one of the country’s biggest carbon emitters that he shared his “ethical concerns” with Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley.

“More than ever before, you’re seeing players’ personalities, interests and passions shine through and have a little bit more of a voice than maybe in the past,” Cummins said. nine newspapers earlier this month.

Cummins’ stance, which was quickly criticized by 2GB’s Ben Fordham and One Nation’s Mark Latham, came after it was announced that Alinta’s four-year contract with Cricket Australia would only be renewed for one more season.

Alinta received a dismal 2 out of 5 stars in this year’s Green Electricity Guide, due to its plan to burn coal by 2047, the local environmental damage they cause, and their ranking as Australia’s seventh biggest polluter.

“I think the most obvious things that can be seen in the mind are who we associate with. So I hope that when we think about who we want to line up with, who we want to invite to be a part of cricket, I hope the weather is a real priority,” Cummins said.

Pat Cummins Cricket Carbon Boost

Despite his enthusiasm to travel, Pat Cummins recently said that action was urgently needed to offset the carbon footprint of international cricket.

He specifically mentioned the Australian team flying from Brisbane to Perth to play a single T20 match and then flying back the next day.

“Scheduling games where you fly in for four hours, play one game, and then 24 hours later you turn around and fly back across the country, it’s something where you think ‘we could have done better,'” he said. .

‘We have a big footprint, there’s no question about that, but with initiatives to help offset it, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, we can’t be doing all those trips and not putting anything back in the bucket.’

Australia cricket captain Pat Cummins (left) is pictured with his wife Becky Boston (right)

Australia’s leading fast bowler has previously been photographed enjoying the benefits of flying at the front of the plane. Seen here testing the business class beds in a Qantas A380

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Pat Cummins (pictured with partner Becky Boston) recently expressed “ethical objections” to Cricket Australia that their senior partner no longer “aligns” with his personal views.

In an Alinta Energy ad last summer, Pat Cummins used his nose to take a customer call.

I have my own personal views, so when it comes to personal sponsorships, there are some companies I wouldn’t want to align myself with. When we get money, whether it’s for youth cricket programmes, grassroots, stuff for Australian fans, I feel a real responsibility that with that, we’re taking stock of what’s right.’

Cummins’ comments are in stark contrast to his lifestyle, which, in addition to publicity for a highly polluting industry, has included flying business class and driving a Range Rover.

In 2020, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy listed Range Rovers as one of the 12 “worst” road vehicles for the environment due to their carbon emissions.

Fast pitcher Alinta’s comments came after Australian Diamonds basketball players refused to wear a team uniform emblazoned with the logo of mining magnate Gina Rinehart’s company, Hancock Prospecting.

This prompted Ms. Rinehart to cancel the $15 million endorsement deal.

Test captain Pat Cummins has “ethical objections” about Alinta Energy remaining on board as Cricket Australia’s lead partner, despite appearing in several advertisements for the energy provider.

Radio host Ben Fordham told his listeners on 2GB that Cummins should keep playing instead of telling Cricket Australia how to get sponsors.

“The idea that the national captain is personally pressuring his boss to cancel a $40 million endorsement deal is absolutely insane,” Fordham said.

It’s an electric company, not an outlaw motorcycle gang!

Fordham said he wasn’t suggesting sports stars take a vow of silence, but said they should be careful about the terrain they campaign on.

“No industry is immune from criticism,” he said.

Pat Cummins starred in a series of commercials promoting Alinta Energy less than 12 months ago

‘Banks, insurance, mining companies, fast food, soft drinks, alcohol, gambling, media companies.

‘If you put a line through all of them…there won’t be any sponsors left.’

One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham noted that Cummins was featured in an Alinta Energy TV advertising campaign for its call centers, where he answered a phone call while doing yoga.

‘Wasn’t Pat Cummins in the Alinta Energy ad campaign?’ captioned the ad.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Pat Cummins, and Cricket Australia seeking comment for this story.