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Passkey support for Google Workspace accounts is rolling out now


Google has introduced access keys for this purpose Workspace and Cloud customers, following the announcement of personal account support last month.

This feature allows users to unlock their accounts using their phone or computer, such as PIN, fingerprint, or face unlock, instead of manually entering a password. Google says it does not collect biometric data from users and that the security of users’ phones or laptops is highly trusted for preserving privacy.

passwords are also designed with user privacy in mind. When a user signs in with a passkey to their Workspace apps, such as a Gmail or Google Drive can confirm the password that allows a user to access their device and unlock it with a fingerprint, facial recognition, or other screen lock mechanism,” Google said when announcing the feature.

In May, Google introduced passkey support for personal accounts and the Advanced Protection Program. Now it is being made available as an open beta for Google Workspace and Google Cloud bills. This feature is accessible to more than 9 million organizations, including businesses, schools, and governments. Google is proud to be the first major public cloud provider to offer this technology to its customers.

Passkeys can prove to be particularly useful for enterprises as they provide better protection against phishing and social engineering attacks, as they cannot be written down or accidentally shared with unauthorized persons.

Early data from Google suggests passwords are twice as fast and four times less prone to errors compared to passwords.

Using Passkey for your Google Workspace account

Passkeys are available for Android, ChromeOS, iOS, and macOS Windowsas well as Chrome, SafariAnd Microsoft Edge users.

In the coming days, Google will gradually enable passkeys for users along with console controls for Workspace admins. Workspace admins can now enable passkeys for their organization’s users to skip password verification during login.

This feature is not enabled by default and must be manually enabled by the administrators. However, users can still use passkeys as their 2-Step Verification (2SV) method if they prefer it over the Google prompt.


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