Passive-aggressive response Brisbane gym owner sent to neighbors after a rowdy party

Read the brutally passive-aggressive Google review of a ‘party’ gym after your neighbor criticized them for hosting ‘incredibly loud’ gatherings every night.

  • The gym in Brisbane held a party with dance music that rattled the windows several streets away
  • A neighbor complained to the gym asking them to be a little more considerate
  • The gym owner finally hit back on an astonishingly passive-aggressive note.



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An Australian gym has penned an infuriating passive-aggressive response to a neighbor’s complaint about his extremely loud parties on a residential street.

The owner of a home in Stones Corner, in Brisbane’s inner south, said the boutique gym regularly hosted “incredibly loud parties” outside behind his building playing music at “festival volumes” with his last Christmas party on Weekend.

“The music and screaming above was fully audible through the closed windows…not wanting to go through this again, we contacted them via Instagram and Google Chat,” the resident told social media on Monday.

“People were screaming begging them to turn it down… they were asked to think of others,” they said, adding that they had not yet received a response and assumed they were being ignored.

A Neighbor Shared His Experience Of The Loud Party From The Nearby Gym On Reddit (Pictured)

A neighbor shared his experience of the loud party from the nearby gym on Reddit (pictured)

He Then Followed Up With The Gym Owner'S 'Selfish' Response (Pictured)

He Then Followed Up With The Gym Owner'S 'Selfish' Response (Pictured)

He then followed up with the gym owner’s ‘selfish’ response (pictured)

But they updated the post later that day saying the gym owner had responded with a staggeringly selfish response.

‘Hello. Yes, we had a wonderful night celebrating with all of our customers and their incredible achievements over the last year,” the owner wrote in his response.

She then went on to list some of her award-winning clients like ‘Wendy and Bruce’ who were group workout clients of the year and Sarah G being inducted into the ‘hall of fame’.

‘Ken won the annual beer pong championship. Congratulations to all of our winners.’

The owner explained that it was to see so many people coming back post Covid ‘with a few drinks and some music to dance to’.

‘We’ve been at Stones Corner for 19 years…we’re so excited about what our 20-year celebration will look like.’

The owner then ends the email without even bothering to acknowledge the concerns of the other residents across the street.

“Once again, our New Year’s Eve function was a hit with all of our customers… now we have to get back to exercising and getting that festive cheer back.”

‘PS: Unlimited group training with us is only $39 per week.’

Many Commenters Said The Gym Was Not Only Inconsiderate, But Also Expensive At $39 A Week (File Image)

Many Commenters Said The Gym Was Not Only Inconsiderate, But Also Expensive At $39 A Week (File Image)

Many commenters said the gym was not only inconsiderate, but also expensive at $39 a week (file image)

Commenters on Reddit, where the neighbor shared the response, overwhelmingly agreed that it was self-centered.

‘The answer alone is enough to make me despise this company. They didn’t even refer to the complaint. Nobody cares who won their awards,” said one person.

‘Also $39 a week? The gym around the corner costs so much less and as a bonus they don’t keep me up at night with their selfish antics,” said another.

“There is always a lot of noise there on a normal day on the way to Aldi. I can imagine how loud they would have been during a celebration. It’s the kind of gym where a trainer yells at you over terrifyingly loud electronic dance music,” added a third.

The neighbor declined to say exactly which gym was involved: There are several fitness studios in Stones Corner.

According to Queensland Police, residents can report loud parties to the police, who will then visit the premises.

If the officers agree that the noise is excessive, they can enter the property without a warrant and give the host a formal order to stop the noise, which lasts for 96 hours.

If they are called back during that period and find that it is too noisy again, they can issue tickets on the spot or a notice to appear in court.

They can also temporarily take over equipment that is used to make noise, such as speakers.

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