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“Party plans near Vesuvius are causing great concern”


The forthcoming return of SSC Napoli to Italy’s football throne not only triggers positive feelings on nearby Vesuvius.

“With great concern” the national park authority looks at the alleged plans of some fans to choose the volcano as the scene of their championship celebrations. According to media reports, the simulation of a volcanic eruption is being considered, the authority announced on Friday: “With an invasion of the area and the burning of colored smoke bombs on the edge of the crater.”

According to the statement, this idea is “dangerous and unfeasible”. The national park contacted the security authorities about this on Wednesday and demanded protective measures for the site.

“The crater of Vesuvius is a fragile and really dangerous place,” said park chief Raffaele De Luca: “We are all delighted with Napoli’s victory, which honors the region and brings joy to the people. But the celebrations must be limited to what allowed in civilian life.”

Vesuvius is only 20 kilometers as the crow flies from the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. There, the sovereign leaders Napoli can secure their first championship title since 1990, since the Maradona era, against US Salernitana on Sunday (3:00 p.m.). The prerequisite for a crowning achievement this weekend is that pursuer Lazio Rome has not previously won at Inter Milan.

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