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Park Chan-wook to produce and write Korean historical thriller ‘War and Revolt’ for Netflix


Acclaimed South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook has landed his first project with Netflix. The director of Old boy and last year’s stunning romantic noir, Decision to Leave, will co-write and produce the historical thriller War and Rebellionset during the Joseon dynasty in Korea.

The film is directed by Kim Sang-man, known for his acclaimed 2010 action thriller Midnight FM. Kim is also an accomplished art director, having done production work on Park’s historical action drama Joint security zone (2000) and I’m a cyborg, but that’s okay (2006).

War and Rebellion is described as a battle against the chaos of war and takes viewers on a gripping journey through the lives of two childhood friends turned adversaries.

A-list Korean actor Gang Dong-won (Broker, Peninsula) co-stars as the enigmatic Cheon-young, a character whose remarkable martial prowess defies his humble heritage as a slave. Opposite Gang, Park Jeong-min (Deliver us from evil, Gloomy night) takes on the role of Jong-ryeo, Cheon-young’s former master and scion of Joseon’s most influential military family. After passing the military service exam, Jong-ryeo becomes King Seonjo’s personal guard, leading to a heartbreaking reunion with his former friend.

The film marks the first time Gang and Park have shared the screen together. Describing the two performances, Netflix says, “Struggling to break free from the shackles of servitude, Cheon-young will be brought to life by the extraordinary talent of Gang, who exudes charm and delivers breathtaking action sequences that will leave audiences in awe. ..to be downright fascinating as he delves deep into the complex psyche of a man torn between friendship and duty, ultimately meeting his own demise.

Rounding out the cast, Cha Seung-won (Blood rainTV serials Our blues) will play the role of King Seonjo, a monarch who abandons his people at the outbreak of the Japanese invasion, only to seek redemption by restoring his royal authority after the war. Kim Shin rock (Hell bound) portrays the determined Bumdong, a member of the civilian militia who fearlessly defies social norms and faces whatever obstacles come her way. Jin Seon-kyu (Extreme job) stars as Kim Ja-ryeong, a leader of a civilian militia descended from the traditional ruling class who emerges as an inspirational force amid the chaos of the invasion. And Jung Sung-ill (The glory) brings to life the intimidating Japanese warlord Genshin, a character who recognizes Cheon-young’s extraordinary swordsmanship.

War and Rebellion is produced by Moho Film — the powerful Korean label behind Park’s Decide to leave and The Handmaiden, as well as Bong Joon-ho’s Snow piercer — in collaboration with Semicolon Studio.

Netflix on Wednesday released images of a recent table read War and Rebellion. Check them out below.

Read ‘War and Rebellion’ cast table.


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