Paris Hilton shows off mother Kathy Hilton’s holiday decorations including champagne vending machine

Paris Hilton shared behind-the scenes photos of her mother Kathy Hilton’s stunning Christmas decorations. She also gave her followers a holiday-themed home tour that included a $38K champagne vending station on Thursday. 

The 41-year old media personality and 63-year-old socialite also jumped onto an Amazon Live session in the Paris Hilton Holiday Host Guide. 

The mother-daughter pair made fashion statements together by attending The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala in LA earlier Wednesday.  

Paris Hilton, 41, gets into the holiday spirit by displaying her mother Kathy Hilton’s holiday decorations in her home after she filmed an Amazon Live session together 

Paris gave her followers a special glimpse at the Monet-Chandon vending machine at Neiman Marcus, which retails for $38K – which her mother also had in her dining area 

The Simple Life star shared a clip in which she stood next to her mother in large kitchen while holding her adorable puppy. 

The stars were wearing Christmas-themed robes made by Kathy’s collaboration with the Australian brand Sant and Abel. 

Paris’s platinum blonde hair was styled into a fashionable ponytail. Her bangs landed on her right side in an elegant curl. 

Kathy simply parted her blonde hair and her locks fell straight to her shoulders. 

The mother-daughter duo revealed that their Amazon Live had begun, where Kathy visited Paris to talk about holiday decorating, and the new cookware line of the socialite. 

Dressed warmly: The two stars were dressed in Christmas-themed robes from Kathy’s sleepwear collaboration with Australian brand, Sant and Abel 

Paris turned her smartphone around to see a cameraman setting up bright lights and beginning filming as the first clip ended. 

The beauty also posted a closer look at the new cookware line and explained to her 21.1million followers and fans that she was ‘obsessed with it’. 

She She scanned her phone camera and showed off a few items, including a mirrored mini refrigerator that lights up, pink and yellow pots, pans and cutlery, as well as glittering cups of all sizes, and pink cookie cutters. 

The TV personality exclaimed that her line was’so adorable’ and was the number one’ cookware.

Paris began to walk around the long kitchen island, showing a ‘That’s Hot’ tea kettle. This was a reference to one of her famous catchphrases.  

New line: The socialite displayed her new cookware line. 

Excited: The line featured pink and white pots and pans, cutlery, as well as cutting boards and cookie cutters. 

“Obsessed”: Paris wrote in the caption of her Instagram story that she was “Obsessed” with her new cookware line. 

Flashy: She She also displayed various sizes of glittering cups that are part her new cookware line. 

“That’s Hot”: Paris shot a tea kettle with her famous catchphrase, “That’s Hot”. 

According to Amazon, the kettle can currently be purchased for $29.99 

The This Is Paris star then zoomed into her mother’s freshly-made ‘iconic Caviar Potatoes’ which were placed on a cuttingboard, also from her cookware range. 

The talented beauty filmed the final clip by panning her phone camera towards the tiled kitchen flooring. She was eager to show her adorable pooch that she was paying attention. 

Paris also recorded a video to show Kathy’s extravagant Christmas decorations on the main floor. 

She Her mother’s house was ‘all ready to celebrate the holidays,’ she explained. The star showed a white tree positioned near a staircase and surrounded with a variety unwrapped toys and gifts. 

The businesswoman explained that the presents would be donated to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.  

Shiny: Paris gave her followers a quick glimpse of the cookware line, which also featured mini fridges with mirrors that light up. 

Fancy eating? The media personality showed her viewers a look at her mother’s ‘iconic’ caviar potatoes that were placed on a cuttingboard made from Paris’s cookware collection 

Furry friend: The TV host then panted her camera towards her adorable dog, who was eagerly awaiting attention 

Paris shared a reel of Paris’ mother’s Christmas decorations. Paris included a white Christmas tree and unwrapped presents. 

For a cause: She explained that the presents would be donated the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital 

A matching white garland was used to cover the staircase railing made of black iron and was filled with lights that resembled the tree. 

Paris walked closer to the many gifts on the black- and white-tiled flooring and showed her Rainbow High Premium Collector’s doll placed on top. 

She He stood up, walked over to the dining area, and displayed a second pink tree, which was filled with glittering decorations. She Also, she filmed additional pieces from her cookware line that were placed around a tree. 

She exclaimed, “Loves it!” A long rectangular table was in view. It contained smaller decorated trees and a chacuterie platter stuffed with delicious treats. 

Paris explained that her mom made the little trees while filming with her cell phone camera.She’Seize Christmas!’  

Gifts: One gift given to the children’s hospitals was a Premium High Paris Hilton Collector’s Doll 

More trees! Paris then filmed a pink-colored tree to her left, and began walking towards it. 

Treats:  A table next to the pink tree contained numerous smaller trees that were all decorated along with a charcuterie board topped with yummy treats 

Paris, a fan of the season, explained that her mother was obsessed with Christmas and she filmed all the holiday decorations. 

Paris quickly filmed a large claw machine in the dining area, which was filled with silver statues. 

In her Instagram Stories, she posted a brief clip showing Kathy’s champagne vending machines. They retail for $38K at Neiman Marc. She excitedly shared that she was ‘literally obsessed’ with the Moet & Chandon vending machine. “How cool does this look? 

Paris zoomed in on the mini bottles to show them all and expressed her delight at their chicness and fun. 

She She joked with her fans, “I need one of these” Literally, iconic. The star added her favorite word to the song, “Sliving!” The word slaying is combined with the words living. 

To close the holiday-themed house tour the media star panted around the room and turned the camera towards its back patio. The sun was beginning to set.  

Game time: The beauty demonstrated a few other items within the dining room including a claw machine that was placed in one corner.

A need: The star humorously admitted to her fans that, ‘I need one of these for my house. Literally, a symbol of iconicity

Close-up: The TV personality took a closer look at the miniature champagne bottles that were neatly placed in the vending machine. 

End of video: Kathy, the fashion icon, pans her smartphone camera to show Kathy’s backyard patio.

Paris and Kathy attended the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala in glamorous Los Angeles on Wednesday. 

While the red carpet was being enjoyed, the businesswoman stopped by to speak with the guests. E! News Carter Reum was open to her idea of starting a family. The two lovers had tied the knot in 2021. 

She stated that she and her husband wanted to enjoy their first year together as a married couple. “And we’ve just, well, getting the eggs ready. They’re all ready, and they’re all excited and waiting for them. 

Paris also expressed her excitement about becoming a parent. She said that she had waited too long to have children because she “never found the person I could trust to do it with.” 

“But now that he did, I can’t wait, and I know he’s going be the best dad and we’re just going to have the most wonderful life together.  

Party time: Paris and Kathy attended the star-studded Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala in glitzy Los Angeles on Wednesday 

E! interviewed Paris to find out if she is ready for a family. E! spoke to Paris about her readiness to have children with Carter Reum, her husband of one-year. The two were seen together in November in Los Angeles. 

Dazzling! Paris also uploaded a selfie video on Thursday showing off her gorgeous outfit and Turn It Up playing in the background. 

‘Slaying’: In the short clip she uploaded to her Instagram Story, the star posed with the black sequin dress and sparkling silver top that was tucked in at the waist. 

This is so cool! The blonde bombshell shared a second clip of herself showing off her flawless makeup while filming a selfie at the bathroom. 

Confident: Paris sent a short caption with the following message to her followers and fans: “Love this Fit!” Along with a heart-eyed Emoji face 

Fancy: The socialite wore a Celine outfit and also tagged Hedi Slimane, the brand’s creative director, as she was dressed in a Celine dress 

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