Parents confronted with lunch boxes filled with messy food packages


Parents face lunch boxes filled with messy food parcels and containers as more schools ban bins and become ‘trash-free zones’

  • Moms Revealed How New Zero Waste School Rule Affects Them
  • Kids now have to take all their trash home, leading to clutter
  • Moms say yogurt spilled through the school bag or lunch box is the worst

Parents are faced with cleaning up half-eaten food and spilled yogurt in their child’s lunch boxes after schools become zero-waste zones.

Moms have revealed that their kids’ lunch boxes are coming home in a disgraceful condition and busy parents have even more work to do after the rule’s approval.

‘Recently we got a half-eaten yogurt to take home. Needless to say, the half-eaten yogurt wasn’t in the bathtub anymore, it was all over the lunch bag,” said one mother, revealing that she struggles with similar issues every day.

A mom has revealed how her school’s zero-waste policy has resulted in very messy lunch boxes coming home — complete with spilled yogurt and half-eaten snacks

From banana peels to spilled yogurt, French fries and half-eaten sandwiches, some parents seek advice to make cleaning up after school a little easier.

A post on Facebook was inundated with helpful comments after a woman revealed she was at her wits’ end over cluttered lunch boxes.

‘Does anyone else take their kids home with a lunchbox like that? She only has five to ten minutes to play, so I think she’s thinking about playing. Please tell me I’m not the only mother,” she wrote.

More than 300 mothers responded to the post with photos of spilled yogurt over half-eaten snacks.

“Our school is zero-waste, so I send my kids squeezed yogurt so they can eat it during two breaks and take the package home without it going anywhere. I’m glad I can throw it away on my side instead of it ending up on our beautiful school grounds,” said one woman.

“My son brought home an ice cream when he didn’t have time to finish school so he thought he’d eat the rest at home,” added another, unimpressed.

“This happens most days, with all four kids,” another sympathized.

Some moms revealed that the only way they could improve their own children’s lunch boxes was to remove the packaging “naked” in the morning.

‘I have tried to pack as much as possible without packaging. Unless things like banana, yogurt bag. Minimal damage when it gets home,” said one mother.

“Everything goes in the bento box now, it’s the only thing that has worked,” said one mother.

Some suggested letting young people wash the filthy lunch boxes themselves.

My kids did this to me once. Each. I let them clean and wash it. They never did it again. My three-year-old is friendlier now and has a green lunch box, so this will never happen,” said one woman.

While one mother found that gentle reminders of cleanliness worked for her family.

Other moms said their kids' lunchboxes only come back clean if the food is shipped with minimal packaging

Other moms said their kids’ lunchboxes only come back clean if the food is shipped with minimal packaging

“My son used to do that, but I was so done cleaning up the mess that I put a note in his lunch box telling him not to forget to put his trash in the bin. It eventually became a habit and I don’t have to write the note anymore. The yogurt is the worst part to clean,” she said.

Other moms said they love the zero-waste school rules because they can control how much their kids eat.

“It is meant to let parents know what their children are eating and to minimize waste. I’m very happy about this because I can make sure my girls know the value of food. Our rule is that if you didn’t eat your lunch at school, finish it after school,” one mother wrote.

Others said they would like their kids to keep their trash in their lunch boxes.

“My son throws everything in his school bag,” complained one woman.