Paraguay bank is blown up by gang to stop police from responding

A paraguay bank is robbed by 18 gang members. To stop cops responding to the explosion, crooks surround a police station.

  • A gang of 18 robbers blew up a bank in Itapúa, Paraguay, on Friday at around 1am local time 
  • Police said eight heavily armed suspects surrounded a police station in the Itapúa town of Kressburgo, while ten assailants fired at the bank 
  • Authorities claim that the vault’s door was blown open by the suspects before they entered, and that they left with an undisclosed amount of money.
  • No arrests had been reported as of Friday afternoon 

Shocking video footage reveals the moment a bank in the southern Paraguayan province of Itapúa was blown up by a gang of robbers.

The explosion tore through ATM machines and left bills scattered across the ground. 

Crooks armed with rifles also blocked off the local police station to prevent cops responding to the explosion and littered the road with nails to stop officers pursuing them by car. 

The Paraguayan National Police’s chief in Itapúa, Jorge Piñánez, told local outlet ABC that about eight individuals arrived in two vehicles and surrounded a precinct in Kressburgo, a town in the district of Carlos Antonio López.

The heavily armed group did not fire at cops but their presence was enough to prevent officers from responding to the bombing a mile away at a Banco Regional branch on Friday at around 1am local time.

A gang unleashed an attack on a bank in Itapúa, Paraguay, on Friday morning and escaped with an unknown amount of money. Police said that at least 10 suspect participated in the bombing of the Banco Regional branch while at least eight men armed with rifles surrounded a police station a mile away to prevent a response. No arrests had been made as of Friday afternoon

A Resident In The Southern Paraguayan Town Of Kressburgo Recorded Sounds Of Gun Fire Unleashed By A Gang Before They Blew Up A Bank Friday. Police Have Yet To Say How Much Money Was Stolen

A resident in the southern Paraguayan town of Kressburgo recorded sounds of gun fire unleashed by a gang before they blew up a bank Friday. Police have yet to say how much money was stolen

The Suspects Littered The Road Near The Bank With Nails That Would Have Pierced The Tires Of Police Cars In An Eventual Pursuit

The suspects littered the road near the bank with nails that would have pierced the tires of police cars in an eventual pursuit

At least 10 suspects are believed to have set off the bomb at the bank before escaping with an unknown amount of money, National Police deputy commander Baldomero Benítez told Radio Monumental 1080 AM.

‘You can see that the entrance to the vault was damaged,’ Benítez said while adding that they were still trying to gain access to surveillance camera footage.  

The explosion shook the home of a woman who initially thought fireworks had been set off in celebration of Christmas or someone’s birthday.

‘We got scared and didn’t know what was happening,’ she said. 

The woman added that the bank has a security guard on site during working hours. 

Police Said The Suspects Blew Up The Door To The Bank Vault Before Fleeing With An Unknown Amount Of Money Friday

Police said the suspects blew up the door to the bank vault before fleeing with an unknown amount of money Friday

The Paraguayan National Police Is Investigating Whether The Suspects Who Bombed A Bank In The Southern Town Of Kressburgo On Friday Are The Same Robbers Who Blew Up A Bank In The Town Of Pirapó On September 14

The Paraguayan National Police is investigating whether the suspects who bombed a bank in the southern town of Kressburgo on Friday are the same robbers who blew up a bank in the town of Pirapó on September 14

Police learned from residents that the gang had posted armed individuals at several key points in Kressburgo. 

The crooks also set a car on fire on a road 18 miles from the bank. And Piñánez said the attackers placed large nails on along the road to prevent the police chasing after them.

He told La Nación newspapers that forensic workers were in the early stages of determining if Friday morning’s blast could be connected to the September 14 bombing of bank in the Itapúa town of Pirapó.

Friday afternoon saw no arrests.

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