Paragliders crash in the Dominican Republic, leaving pilot dead and passenger injured

Paragliders enjoyed a peaceful flight high above the trees minutes before their crash in Dominican Republic. This video was recovered and shows the pilot and passenger in serious condition.

  • Christopher León was killed while paragliding in Constanza, Dominican Republic, on Sunday
  • The 33-year-old was sitting behind Tomás Batista, when they hit a wind current in the Constanza town of La Sabina 
  • According to authorities, Batista lost control and was unable steer the paraglider straight before it crashed on a farm.
  • León died in an ambulance that was rushing him to a hospital; Batista remained hospitalized as of Tuesday and is being treated for a chest injury  

Video shows a paraglider rider above the trees in Dominican Republic, smiling before he and his pilot crashed onto a farm. 

Christopher León, 33, who was riding in the passenger seat of the foot-launched aircraft, died before paramedics were able to reach a local hospital in the central municipality of Constanza on Sunday.

The Civil Defense said León’s death was caused by severe trauma to multiple parts of his body.

Tomás Batista was rushed to a Constanza hospital and later transferred to a medical facility 72 miles away in the northern city of Santiago.

He He is currently being treated for a serious chest injury and is being admitted to hospital.

Tomás Batista (front center) told Christopher León (rear center) that it was only his fourth time piloting a paraglider moments before crashing in Constanza, Dominican Republic, on Sunday. Batista survived the accident but León died while he was being rushed to a local medical facility. Batista is still hospitalized 

Christopher León Was Killed While Paragliding In The Dominican Republic On Sunday

Christopher León was killed while paragliding in the Dominican Republic on Sunday

While several people sat back on a hilltop, others watched from a camera attached to the paraglider as the men took off for the exciting flight above Constanza’s Sabinas town.

León and Batista shout in excitement as they glided over the Caribbean Island’s highest settlement.

During the flight, Batista told León that it was ‘my fourth time’ being at the control of the paraglider before León replied, ‘You are already a pilot.’

Tomás Batista Is Tended To By Good Samaritans On The Ground Moments After A Paragliding Crash That Left His Pilot Dead

Tomás Batista is tended to by Good Samaritans on the ground moments after a paragliding crash that left his pilot dead

Christopher León (Rear Center) And Tomás Batista (Front Center) Prepare To Take Off On Their Paragliding Flight Over The Dominican Republic Central City Of Constanza Before The Fatal Crash That Killed León And Left Batista Battling A Serious Chest Injury At A Hospital

Christopher León (rear center) and Tomás Batista (front center) prepare to take off on their paragliding flight over the Dominican Republic central city of Constanza before the fatal crash that killed León and left Batista battling a serious chest injury at a hospital

Tomás Batista Reaches For The Camera Mounted On The Paraglider Moments Before Crashing In The Dominican Republic. Batista Survived But The Pilot Identified As Christopher León Died While He Was Being Rushed To A Local Hospital. Batista Remained Hospitalized And Is Being Treated For A Chest Injury

Tomás Batista reaches for the camera mounted on the paraglider moments before crashing in the Dominican Republic. Batista survived but the pilot identified as Christopher León died while he was being rushed to a local hospital. Batista is still being treated for a chest injury and is in the hospital.

Batista reached for his camera to adjust the angle of the camera after they had flown about two minutes.

Authorities claim that Leon crashed into a wind current while paragliding above Sabinas. This prevented him from making necessary adjustments to redirect his paraglide before he plummeted from the sky.

A separate video recorded by a bystander showed a bevy of Good Samaritans rushing to help León and Batista, who were lying over a patch of dirt. reached Civil Defense for comment.

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