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“Para-swimmer celebrates comeback after chemotherapy”


After completing chemotherapy, para-swimmer Elena Semechin can prepare intensively for competitions again.

“I have the feeling of being alive again,” said the 29-year-old, who suffered from cancer two years ago, of the “German Press Agency”. “In principle, I’m doing very well right now. Only the hard training is taking its toll.”

The 2021 Paralympic champion – then still under her maiden name Krawzow – was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor shortly after winning the gold medal in Tokyo. After a successful operation in November 2021, chemotherapy followed for the visually impaired Berliner.

After completing therapy in February, she is currently preparing for the next competition: The 37th International German Championships in Para Swimming in Berlin from May 11th to 14th.

“I calmed the cancer first”

The swimmer said she’s back to around 80 percent of her pre-cancer training schedule and is looking forward to getting back into sports. “I didn’t beat the cancer. I’ve beaten the cancer for now, but sooner or later it will come back. But I remain motivated and positive and I’m excited to continue on my path,” she said.

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