Panasonic continue to build full-frame rumors

<pre><pre>Panasonic continue to build full-frame rumors

After the first rumors that Panasonic seems to be launching a full-frame mirrorless camera, we get a bit more information about what the camera can look like. Remember, however, that these are only rumors.

According to, Panasonic's new full-frame mirrorless camera is designed to compete with that of the Sony Alpha A9 and Nikon D850.

However, rumors are still a bit vague, including which lens mount the new full-frame from Panasonic will use. One option is to use the same holder as the Leica SL, thanks to the close ties of Panasonic and the working relationship with the German manufacturer. This would also mean that a series of lenses already exists at the launch (if a bit expensive), but Panasonic may want to make its own unique holder.

It is likely that we could see a development announcement and prototype model at Photokina in a few weeks at the Panasonic press conference, with the new camera being shipped from March next year.

What else do we know? 43Rumors understands that the sensor was designed by Panasonic with a pixel count of more than 30 MP, while, as we are used to from Panasonic, it will have excellent video login data.

With a possible announcement on April 25 at the Photokina press conference from Panasonic, we will bring you more information as soon as we have it.