Panamanian migration representatives apprehend Texas guy connected to murder of DJ sweetheart in Colombia

Authorities in Panama apprehended the Texas sweetheart of a DJ who was discovered strangled to death and packed in a luggage that was deserted in a dumpster in the Colombian capital city of Bogotá.

John Poulos, 35, was nabbed Tuesday while he was attempting to board a flight to another nation at an airport in Panama, according to numerous media outlets in Colombia.

His arrest comes simply 2 days after a homeless guy looking for recyclables in the south side of Bogotá found a blue luggage with the body of Valentina Trespalacios, 23.

Poulos is waiting for extradition to Colombia, where he will be charged with femicide, according to El Espectador paper. 

John Poulos (imagined) was nabbed in Panama on Tuesday minutes before he will board a flight. The 35-year-old from Texas is desired in Colombia for the murder of his DJ sweetheart, Valentina Trespalacios, in the Colombian capital of Bogotá

John Poulos (Left) Had Plans Of Living In Colombia Full Time And Marrying His Dj Girlfriend, Valentina Trespalacios (Right)

John Poulos (left) had strategies of residing in Colombia full-time and weding his DJ sweetheart, Valentina Trespalacios (ideal)

Valentina Trespalacios (Pictured) Was Dating Her Boyfriend John Poulos For Eight Months

Valentina Trespalacios (imagined) was dating her sweetheart John Poulos for 8 months

Trespalacios and Poulos have actually been dating for 8 months after the couple fulfilled at an occasion Trespalacios had actually been worked with to carry out.

On Friday, she altered house and moved into a house Poulos had actually leased in the northern side of the capital where they were anticipated to cohabit as they remained in the early phases of preparing to get wed.

The couple invested the weekend dining and partying, and prepared to visit her mom’s house before all of it ended in disaster.

An autopsy report showed that Trespalacios was strangled with a rope which her body was bruised. 

Her household has actually gotten in touch with the Colombian government to perform a global look for Poulos, whom they think is accountable for Trespalacios’ death. 

Since Tuesday night, the Colombian National Cops was still canvassing the house where the couple had actually moved into and likewise looking for the 2021 Volkswagen Voyager that Poulos had actually leased after showing up from the United States.

A representative with Colombian National Cops informed that detectives were examining a monitoring video that reveals a guy tossing the luggage inside the building and construction dumpster in the Bogotá community of Los Cámbulos before he vanished.

Authorities have yet to determine the individual in the video, which had actually not been revealed since Tuesday afternoon.

Valentina Trespalacios Had Opportunities To Dj In Chile, México And Brazil, Her Family Said

Valentina Trespalacios had chances to DJ in Chile, México and Brazil, her household stated

John Poulos (Picutured) Fled Sunday On A Flight From Colombia To Panama On Sunday. He Was Arrested There Tuesday And Is Now Waiting To Be Extradited To Colombia To Face Charges For The Femicide Of His Girlfriend, Valentina Trespalacios, Who Was Found Dead Sunday Inside A Suitcase That Was Abandoned In A Dumpster In The Colombian Capital City Of Bogotá

John Poulos (picutured) got away Sunday on a flight from Colombia to Panama on Sunday. He was apprehended there Tuesday and is now waiting to be extradited to Colombia to deal with charges for the femicide of his sweetheart, Valentina Trespalacios, who was discovered dead Sunday inside a luggage that was deserted in a dumpster in the Colombian capital city of Bogotá

Colombia’s migration company validated Monday that Poulos had actually gotten away the nation for Panama on Sunday, simply hours after Trespalacios’ body was found.

The couple went to Sahara bar in Bogotá and the rideshare app chauffeur who drove the couple there informed Caracol television that he noticed Trespalacios remained in difficulty when she revealed him a message on the business app that stated, ‘Assist, I remain in risk.’

The chauffeur, whose name was not exposed by the outlet, stated that Trespalacios began making hand gestures and Poulos got to the automobile and asked if whatever was okay with her before she responded yes 3 times.

The couple entered the automobile and Poulos asked if he spoke English. The guy responded that he did and included that Poulos stayed peaceful the whole journey. He stated that Poulos and Trespalacios were exchanging messages on WhatsApp. He dropped them off at a club at 3:48 am.

On Friday, Valentina Trespalacios sent out a video to her mom, Laura Hidalgo, revealing the couple listening to music in a cars and truck driven by Poulos.

Throughout the recording, Trespalacios intends the mobile phone video camera towards the back of the automobile and informs her mom that she had actually filled all of her valuables which she was going to go to her house Saturday.

Hidalgo informed RCN Noticias that her child was going to move into a home with Poulos.

An Autopsy Report Showed That Colombian Dj Valentina Trespalacios Was Strangled

An autopsy report revealed that Colombian DJ Valentina Trespalacios was strangled

A Homeless Man Was Searching Through A Waster Container In The Bogotá Neighborhood Of Los Cámbulos When He Discovered The Suitcase With Valentina Trespalacios' Body

A homeless guy was exploring a waster container in the Bogotá community of Los Cámbulos when he found the luggage with Valentina Trespalacios’ body

In an interview with Caracol television, Hidalgo stated that Poulos fulfilled Trespalacios at a celebration she was worked with to play music at which he prepared to transfer to Colombia and wed her.

‘He had great objectives, he fulfilled us, her siblings, he had the intent of marrying, making a life here in Colombia with her, buying Colombia,’ Hidalgo stated. ‘He apparently came all the method to Colombia, I do not understand what took place.’ 

According to a just recently erased LinkedIn page, Poulos was worked with as a monetary consultant by Lead in 2022. 

A Recently Deleted Linkedin Account For John Poulos Showed That He Had Been Working For Vanguard As Financial Advisor Since 2022

A just recently erased LinkedIn represent John Poulos revealed that he had actually been working for Lead as monetary consultant because 2022

Colombian Dj Valentina Trespalacios Was Found Dead Sunday In A Suitcase That Was Left In A Dumpster In Bogotá

Colombian DJ Valentina Trespalacios was discovered dead Sunday in a luggage that was left in a dumpster in Bogotá

The troubled mom explained Poulos as somebody who ‘didn’t come off as an aggressive individual, he appeared calm, really calm.’

Nevertheless, she kept in mind that he had actually ended up being envious of Trespalacios.

‘He ended up being really consumed with my child and he was a little envious. He had an argument in December with my child and it ran out jealousy since my child had numerous suitors since she was really gorgeous.’

Trespalacios’ household stated Poulos had actually erased his social networks pages and broke off all lines of interaction with them.

Her uncle, Carlos Trespalacios, informed Blu Radio that the couple seemed having fun as evidenced by the images that she shared of them smiling on her WhatsApp status feed. 

‘She remained in a luggage, dismembered with the pajamas in which she normally slept and we are asking the authorities to accelerate this part,’ he stated. 

‘She headed out to celebration with her American fiancé on Friday and Saturday, a lot so that she shared WhatsApp messages while at the bar. There is no doubt that they were (hanging out), so we desire him to appear, to reveal face, to offer us his variation, to inform us where he left her, what took place to her?’

Daniel Felipe Trespalacios remembered talking with his sis while she invested her opening night at the house.

The 13-year-old kid informed Caracol television that their mom noticed something was not right when his sis texted her, ‘Mommy, life is hard, whatever has a cost.’

‘My mommy took it as the person treated her terribly or something and informed her ‘child, you do not require that, you do not require to offer us more, you currently offer us a lot,” he stated.

Daniel Felipe Trespalacios stated the household had absolutely nothing however warm sensations about Poulos and never ever anticipated him to be associated with his sis’s murder.

‘He had actually currently gone to Mexico with my sis,’ he stated. ‘We did not mistrust him since it appeared to us that a lot of things had actually taken place to trigger us to wonder about. If he liked her as they state, he would be the very first to be here revealing his face to see what is occurring with my sis.’

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