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Pambula Lawnmower Tragedy: Maddox’s Family Speaks

Tragic new details emerge about how a 3-year-old boy died when his father accidentally ran him over with a lawn mower, as his torn family remembers ‘little angel’

The family of a young boy who died after being accidentally struck by a lawn mower driven by his father is grappling with the tragedy as the united community stands behind them.

Tributes continue to flow for Maddox, who was rushed to Pambula District Hospital on the south coast of New South Wales on Saturday with serious injuries after being struck with lawn mower blades.

The boy later died, despite desperate resuscitation attempts by paramedics.

‘He (the father) invested himself in the poor child. He didn’t see it,” a police spokesman said.

The family is well known in Pambula, where their grandmother Wendy helps run the annual ‘Motorfest and Swap’ group to raise money for the community.

When contacted by Daily Mail Australia, the boy’s grandmother said: “It’s too much for the family to talk about at the moment.”

The tragic death of three-year-old Maddox has sparked an outpouring of tributes.

The Pambula Motorfest & Swap group expressed its sadness after the news of the tragedy was made public this Wednesday.

“Many of you will know Wendy who is our wonderful (superwoman) secretary/treasurer, some just from her voice over the phone,” the group posted.

‘She always puts others first, and now it’s our turn to help her and her family.

“Unfortunately, Wendy’s grandson was in a tragic accident over the weekend and passed away, and the family is raising funds to cover the cost of little Maddox’s funeral.”

The community has rallied around Maddox’s heartbroken parents and two sisters, ages five and nine.

Family friend Jessica Porter has created an online fundraiser that he remembered Maddox as a brash and energetic “angel” who left a lasting impression on everyone he met.

“We hope to raise enough funds to allow Maddox’s family, including his two older sisters, to give him a beautiful send-off, in honor of his memory,” the page says.

‘Allowing everyone to say their last goodbyes and celebrate their life.’

The little boy was struck and killed in a tragic accident involving a lawnmower (file image)

The little boy was struck and killed in a tragic accident involving a lawnmower (file image)

Maddox has been remembered as an energetic and happy boy who loved the color blue.

“Despite the short time Maddox was given, he made quite an impression on everyone he met, and truly was his parents’ little angel,” the page adds.

“His family has many beautiful memories to cherish and remember his brash personality and would like to provide Maddox with a memorial honoring these memories.

“Maddox loved the color blue and painting his nails with his older sisters, so to celebrate his life, we ask everyone at the memorial when it’s announced to wear something blue and paint your nails pink for Maddox.” .

The online fundraiser has already raised nearly $6,500 in a matter of hours.

All leftover funds will go towards bereavement counseling and for Maddox’s family to be reunited with their interstate loved ones who will not be able to attend the funeral.

NSW Police are not expected to press charges but are required to investigate such deaths in order to provide a report to the coroner.

“I don’t think anything you can do to the father will change the way he feels, unfortunately,” the police spokesman said.

‘Is unusual. It’s not a death caused by natural causes, so that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.’

Karen Wright, Bega Valley Shire Councilor for South Pambula, said: “This is absolutely a tragedy and my heart goes out to the family.”

Maddox was rushed to Pambula District Hospital with serious injuries, but could not be saved.

Maddox was rushed to Pambula District Hospital with serious injuries, but could not be saved.