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Pair of long-range shots give Matildas 2-0 victory over Mexico in Texas

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Pair of long-range shots give Matildas 2-0 victory over Mexico in Texas

The Matildas’ preparations for the Olympic Games have finally had some good news, with the team claiming a hard-fought 2-0 victory over Mexico in Texas despite a series of injuries.

Eight players have withdrawn from team camp over the past two weeks, adding to the loss of captain Sam Kerr to a torn ACL in January, raising questions about the team’s depth and ability to cover key players.

But, in their first match since officially booking their ticket to the Paris Games in February, the Matildas were able to answer several of those questions, with several veterans stepping up when it was necessary to defeat the world number 31.

Hayley Raso got the team off to the best start after turning clearly on the edge of the area and firing a shot into the bottom corner in the ninth minute, but Mexico quickly recovered in defense, making it difficult for Raso to find the same spaces for the equipment. rest of the half.

Australia were unable to find the back of the net again until early in the second half, when Caitlin Foord, who had also been fairly quiet in the first 45 minutes, fired a curling shot around a diving Esthefanny Barreras after slaloming about three players near the top. box.

Injuries to regular starters Katrina Gorry and Clare Hunt meant Tony Gustavsson had to make a couple of key changes, including moving left back Steph Catley into the middle to partner Alanna Kennedy, while youngster Kaitlyn Torpey showed her versatility by impressing on the left side. Second opening since its debut in February.

Emily Van Egmond also entered the starting XI alongside Kyra Cooney-Cross, while Michelle Heyman was rewarded for her performances against Uzbekistan with another starter up front, although she was not as impressive against a more physical and high-pressure Mexico team. .

Mexico’s energetic press represented a major test for the Matildas, who have traditionally struggled against such styles, but this friendly showed that they are capable of playing the ball from the back and maintaining possession against the type of teams they might face in Paris later. . this year.

“It was a big challenge,” Steph Catley said afterward.

“We were brave playing against aggressive pressure. It took us a little while to get going, but in the second half we came out [stronger] and created more opportunities.

“We talked, at half-time, about fixing those little bumps, which happens when you have a new defensive line. But overall, I think we played well.

“We showed that we can play in different styles. We build in different formations, we can play back, we can play forward. We discovered different types of pressing. I think the team has matured a lot.

“In the past, we might get nervous or drag out just to get a response, but now we feel more comfortable on the ball.”

Perhaps most importantly, the Australians came through the match without suffering any further injuries, in addition to achieving their third consecutive clean sheet.

They will next meet in late May in Australia for a two-match friendly series against China.

Watch how the action unfolded in our live blog below.

Key events

When do the Matildas play again?

That’s all from me for today (how nice is a 10am AEST start? More of those, please, universe).

But I’ll be back on the ABC Sport blog in a couple of weeks, when the Matildas take on China in a two-match friendly series.

The first takes place on Friday May 31 at Adelaide Oval with kick-off at 8:10pm AEST.

Their second game will be underway. Monday June 3 at Sydney’s Stadium Australia, kick-off at 7:40pm AEST.

Both games will be broadcast live on Channel 10 and Paramount Plus.

Until then, have a fabulous rest of your day!

Your final thoughts

Well done, Tillis!!!!!


Almost a 51% win rate for TG…slowly but surely


Everything’s fine. (I have to stop with those embarrassing goal kicks Tonyyy, an interesting failed experiment). Happy birthday Cortnee, good to see you back there. Thanks Sam!

– Big Ben

I love a good solid win that gives the coaching staff tough decisions for team selection!

– Luis

It’s fantastic to see the Matildas get the win despite being hampered by injuries to key players. Now let’s face China in Adelaide at the end of May.

– Adam

My final thoughts

Well, considering the doubts many of us had about the team’s depth in light of all those injuries before the game, the Matildas have definitely shown that they aren’t as worried as we are.

This was an excellent game from both sides. Mexico were a very well structured team, very physical, and didn’t give Australia much time on the ball with their high energy pressing.

But the Matildas were able to solve a number of those problems, especially how to retain the ball and play out of pressure rather than simply hitting it long, although there are still a couple of question marks around clinical finishing and creating more convincing chances. in the middle. areas, instead of constantly depending on their extremes.

I was very impressed by Emily Van Egmond and Kaitlyn Torpey, while Caitlin Foord did something every time she was at the dance. Steph Catley was also brilliant as a substitute centre-back in Clare Hunt’s absence, although she slightly reduced the Matildas’ attacking matches on the left side.

Overall, a really impressive, confident and coordinated performance by the Matildas, who also get another the clean sheet.

Full time: Mexico 0 – 2 Australia!

90′ Foord Presses

A nice little peek at her own defender sees Caitlin Foord, who now plays as a center forward, running shoulder to shoulder with Mexico’s central defender to try to win the ball.

His defender gets in front of him and tries to clear it, but Foord slides in to intercept him.

The clearance lands right at the feet of Sharn Frier, who has plenty of space in front of her in the box, but the referee blows the whistle for a foul before the winger has a chance to decide what to do.


2 minutes of time added

88′ Hey, referee!

Caitlin Foord has her arms open and stares at the referee.

The Mexican goalkeeper, Esthefanny Barreras, has been holding the ball for at least 10 seconds, which is definitely not allowed.

The referee doesn’t care, obviously. The seconds pass. The commentators ask the question. Then he throws it up.

I understand the waste of time, but in a friendly? Wow.

86′ Australia change

And it’s the debut of Sharn Frier, who wins the 228th Matildas title!

The Brisbane Roar winger replaces Kyra Cooney-Cross.


84′ Yellow card

Clare Wheeler gets the first piece of cheese of the match after a tackle on María Sánchez.

81′ Mexico tries to recover the goal

They had two chances in the last minute!

First, a short corner is taken on the other side, which the Matildas fail to close in time, with a shot from one of the players deflecting just past the near post.

But the biggest chance came a moment later, when Australia tried to pass out after the goal kick, with Kyra Cooney-Cross giving the ball away at the top of the area, but the shot crashed straight into the chest of Mackenzie Arnold.

That was a real relief. The Matildas will be lucky to come out of this with a clean sheet.

79′ Change from Australia

Charlie Grant replaces Kaitlyn Torpey, who has once again had a devastating game.

77′ Australia chance!

In some fabulous one-touch football, the Matildas go from one end of the field to the other, with Cortnee Vine in the centre.

She does a little one-two with Carpenter, and then turns around and does a one-two with Van Egmond.

The ball slides wide for Carpenter, who overlaps and sends a deep cross towards the back post.

Mary Fowler is there and she throws herself into the air, stretching every tendon in her neck to try to reach him, but her header goes over the bar again.

What a good move.

Can we get a different song please?

I love hearing the “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, oi, oi” chants from the crowd!


I understand. But can’t we think of something a little more… creative?

73′ Changes from Mexico

Mayra Pelayo enters for Maricarmen Reyes.

And forward María Sánchez, who scored an incredible winning goal against the United States, replaces defender Araceli Torres.

71′ Australia chance!

Mary Fowler now finds herself behind a corner, which she won herself after chasing down a Torpey pass that was slipped by a Mexican defender.

The Manchester City midfielder sends her corner deep and, interestingly, both Clare Wheeler and (I think) Alanna Kennedy are completely free at the back of the box.

It’s Wheeler who connects first, pushing his entire body through the header, but the ball goes wide. Journal.

69′ Friendly fire

Mexico has kept the ball well in the last few minutes, trying to move it and find space.

They’re still committed to attacking down the right wing, trying to exploit Kaitlyn Torpey’s inexperience (boy, were they wrong), but they haven’t had much luck.

Right now, Ovalle tries to cut back for a teammate, waiting for her to throw a cross into the box, but the ball hits the winger’s torso and spins toward the other end of the field.


65′ Some adjustments

Tony Gustavsson has changed his players in light of the substitutions.

Clare Wheeler now partners Kyra Cooney-Cross as a double pivot midfielder, with Emily Van Egmond now pushing a little further forward as an attacking midfielder/false centre-forward.

Mary Fowler continues to float wherever she wants (what a luxury), and has moved a little further up the field to accompany Van Egmond, while Foord and Vine are stationed to the left and right respectively, dropping deeper to maintain the 4-4 -2. training without the ball.

62′ Come with a chance!

Mary Fowler wins the ball high up the pitch, cuts inside and finds Cortnee Vine near the top of the box.

Vine takes just one touch to prepare and puts his foot through it (only his second touch of the game so far), but his shot goes straight at the goalkeeper.

Imagine if he had scored. Also on his 25th birthday. There would have been scenes here in my living room in Sydney.

61′ Australian substitutions

Cortnee Vine replaces Hayley Raso.

Clare Wheeler replaces Michelle Heyman.

And Clare Polkinghorne takes Steph Catley’s place.

60′ Corner chaos!

Mexico’s substitutes barely have enough time to prepare before Caitlin Foord wins another corner for Australia.

Cooney-Cross throws it towards the back of the crowded area, Raso heads it towards goal and Michelle Heyman tries to rise to meet him, but is elbowed in the back and falls to the turf.

He gestures to the referee to ask for a penalty, but he rejects it.

The ball is quickly recycled as Mexico rushes to defend, with Raso returning it to the area, but it is rejected.

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