Owners of OnePlus 9 Pro are reporting excessive overheating warnings


A number of OnePlus 9 Pro owners say they get persistent overheating warnings, often when using the camera app. Android police saw the increasing number of reports, many of which have been collected in a thread on the OnePlus support forum and often mention the use of the camera app in connection with the alerts. OnePlus tells The edge this is a known issue and will be resolved via software updates “in the coming weeks”.

Some 9 Pro owners reporting the issue say the warning appears even when using the phone’s photo or video recording capabilities lightly, and in some cases, the phone will prohibit taking more photos until it cools down again. Others cite the problem occurring around or shortly after the initial installation. We didn’t run into the issue while testing the OnePlus 9 Pro for our review, nor have we seen it pop up since.

OnePlus has put a lot of thought into heat dissipation in the 9 Pro’s design, which is an especially important consideration for the phone’s fast wireless charging feature. To ensure that the phone stays at a safe temperature while charging wirelessly, the 9 Pro features thicker copper and a larger heat sink than its predecessor. It is also equipped with two 25 W battery cells, which help control heat and improve charging times.

While it appears that the phone is well equipped to handle heat on the hardware side, the description of the problem by the users and the response from OnePlus indicate that there may be something wrong on the software side. Until that fix arrives, the company is encouraging 9 Pro owners who are experiencing issues submit a bug report through its forums