Owners of Eero 6 and Pro 6 now get Apple’s HomeKit security features


Owners of Amazon’s Eero 6 and Pro 6 routers can now isolate their HomeKit IoT devices from the rest of their home network and the wider Internet, thanks to a new integration with Apple’s HomeKit now rolling out (through MacRumors). The new feature comes as part of a firmware update and makes the routers the first Wi-Fi 6 systems to support Apple’s integration.

The added feature might be welcome, but it’s probably no surprise to those who have been paying attention: Eero’s other, cheaper routers have been updated to support it in February 2020 and an Eero Support account called in November that the router went through Apple’s certification process.

By setting up your Eero (or other supported routers) with HomeKit, you can control how much data your other HomeKit devices are allowed to share over the network. For example, if you had smart blinds that were a bit shady, you could use HomeKit to have them only talk to your local HomeKit Hub and not connect to the internet (or other apps). It’s a niche advantage for sure, but if you delayed an Eero 6 purchase until it was available, it looks like it’s finally here.

It’s worth noting that, in order to use the feature, a separate HomeKit Hub is required: this can be an Apple TV, HomePod (regular or Mini), or iPad that stays in the house. To activate HomeKit on your Eero router, the company must has a support page explain all the details.