Over 1,000 Cryptocurrency Rigs Destroyed by Malaysian Authorities Using a Steamroller

Authorities in Malaysia destroyed 1,069 cryptocurrency rigs after they were seized in raids earlier this year. A steamroller was used to crush hardware in Sarawak city after the Malaysian province’s electricity company accused the mining companies of stealing electricity for their operations.

The operators allegedly stole RM 8.4 million ($2 million) worth of energy from the company. Authorities say the operation was spread across four locations and six suspects, aged between 24 and 64, have been arrested. electrical connections. Malaysian officials believe electricity worth $21.3 million was stolen in the past year by illegal Bitcoin mining activities in the country.

Elsewhere in the world, Ukraine’s security agency busted a crypto mining operation earlier this month over alleged theft of electricity from the country’s electricity grid. More than 5,000 devices, including racks of PS4 Pros, were seized from a warehouse. Ukrainian officials say $256k worth of energy was stolen.

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