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Outrage on Steam over the release of the Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Pass


Copies of the Street Fighter 6 Year 1 Ultimate Pass were launched at $49.99, along with the game itself, but received a “mostly negative” rating on Steam by players.

The backlash stems from confusion over the availability of the pass content itself, as well as some feeling that it does not offer enough in-game currency.

The Ultimate Pass subscription includes four additional characters (Rashid, AKI, Ed, Akuma), additional skins and outfits for those characters, two new stages, and 7,700 tickets.

The Steam subscription page states that it includes post-launch content, and some believed that this content would be unlocked upon purchase. There is also additional confusion about the additional colors and outfits, as some believe they are for the launch character roster and not upcoming characters in the future.

Capcom took to Twitter to clarify matters and said, “In regards to the Year 1 Character Pass and the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, the only content available at this time is Drive Tickets.”

Additional content (characters, costumes, colors, stages) will be released sequentially at a later date.

Street Fighter 6 was a hit with players and critics, and Capcom announced that it had 1 million players at launch.

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